CIV Students Compete to Represent School at Meatball Challenge


Chef Chris Jones from Riverstone Chophouse samples a Chorizo Meatball with Salsa Roja.


Student winners Mike Miles and Jason Lord.








Meatball mania has overtaken ECPI University’s Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV), at least for today!  Fifteen student teams from the Norfolk and Newport News locations went head-to-head this morning in a competition to create the most imaginative, tasty meatballs. And there was more on the line than simple bragging rights.

The winner represents CIV at the Crazy Good Meatball Challenge this Sunday at the Mid-Atlantic Home and Garden Show in Virginia Beach. Presiding over that competition is none other than Chef Mike Isabella, Top Chef Contestant, famous restaurant owner, and author of the book, Crazy Good Italian. He will lead a contingent of local chefs in deciding who makes the best meatballs in Coastal Virginia.

Today’s winner at the CIV competition: Mike Miles and Jason Lord and their crazy-delicious Moroccan Meatballs with Yogurt Sauce. Some of the other lip-smacking entries included Bacon Caprese Meatballs, Chorizo Meatballs with Salsa Roja, Italian Mushroom Risotto Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Jam, Greek Meatballs with Tzatziki Sauce, Smokey Meatball Au Gratin, Carib-Asian Chicken Meatballs.

Everyone at the Culinary Institute of Virginia would like to thank our guest chefs who judged today’s event: Elizabeth Kloc from Felinni’s, Matt Gibbs from Todd Jurich’s Bistro, David Frohlich from Braise, Jose Perez from Cedar Point Country Club, Chris Jones from Riverstone Chophouse, Peter Tseng from Westminster Canterbury, and Leon Buenviaje from CP Shuckers.

“One of the most difficult things to do is to take an abstract idea and bring it to fruition on a plate,” says Peter Tseng. Several of the chefs praised the students for their imagination, simple, elegant flavors, and presentation. As for today’s winner, Fellinis’ Elizabeth Kloc may have said it best. “When I tasted it, it was like immediate ‘WOW’ factor.”


Criminal Justice Students Experience Reality without Danger

Milo Sim

Advanced Firearm Simulator Provides Hands-On Experience to Help Students Learn How to “Make the Right Call”

ECPI University is pleased to announce it has acquired a Milo Range Pro v4, an advanced interactive augmented-reality training system designed to enhance use-of-force and firearms training. Used by law enforcement agencies around the country, it is an important tool for the development of situational assessment skills.

“While it may seem like a shooting simulator, the Milo offers so much more,” says ECPI University Associate Dean of Criminal Justice Ife Alexander-Caines. “It is an excellent tool for the development of communication and critical thinking skills, especially when working as a team.

“ECPI University has a long history of providing its students with hands-on learning experiences and this simulator gives them an unprecedented opportunity to prepare themselves for the real world. The practice scenarios will allow students to determine when to utilize verbal conflict management skills and when responses need to be escalated. Students can also practice working as partners when they navigate the various scenarios.”

The World’s Most “Life-Like” Synthetic Human Arrives at Richmond/Moorefield Campus

Surgical Technology Program Director Charles Hughes closes an incision with the assistance of Director of Nursing Jacqueline Newman.

Surgical Technology Program Director Charles Hughes closes an incision with the assistance of Director of Nursing Jacqueline Newman.

Simulator is the First of its Kind in Richmond

It’s the world’s most life-like synthetic human; and it is now residing at the Richmond/Moorefield campus of ECPI University’s School of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute (MCI). “We are proud to join some of the world’s leading universities and healthcare organizations in providing our students with a tool that can help them enhance their skill level,” says MCI Surgical Technology Program Director Charles Hughes.

Manufactured by SynDaver Labs and the first of its kind being used by college students in Richmond, this advanced simulation mannequin features a complete representation of typical human anatomy, including every bone, muscle, and organ, skin with fat and fascia planes, a functioning respiratory system, and a full digestive tract and circulatory system.

“Having a Syndaver on campus will give our students a true-to-life training that is second to none,” says Hughes. “With no other educator providing this level of realism in Richmond, our students will have an unprecedented opportunity to prepare themselves before they step into the clinical settings of their chosen fields.”

As a teaching tool, it can be used for a variety of purposes including training in basic suturing skills, microvascular anastomosis, central line placement, chest tube placement, breast surgery, liposuction, oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy, coronary angioplasty and stenting, and a wide variety of other surgical procedures.



New Vet Center Opens at Virginia Beach Campus

Vet Center 1

ECPI University President Mark Dreyfus and Executive Director of Military Education Bob Larned welcome campus veterans.

ECPI University is proud to announce the opening of its new Veterans Center at the Virginia Beach campus. Welcoming members of the campus’ Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter, ECPI University President Mark Dreyfus said, “We are proud to provide this new service to our veterans and military community. This continues our dedication to providing the best experience possible to our students.”

Aside from providing an area for veterans to meet and interact, the center also serves as the office for ECPI University’s new VOSC counselor, Maureen Gibson. VOSC – VetSuccess on Campus – is a program offered by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to help veterans make the transition from military service to academic and civilian life. ECPI University is one of only 94 colleges and universities in the nation to be part of this initiative.

Vet Center 2

Faculty and staff enjoy refreshments in the Veterans Center.

VA vocational rehabilitation counselors like Ms. Gibson are available to help ease veterans’ transition to student life and assist them in achieving their educational and career goals through VA’s Post-9/11 GI Bill and other education benefit programs. They also maintain close relationships with local VA Vet Centers and VA medical facilities, referring Veterans as needed for counseling or medical services and providing assistance enrolling in and applying for VA benefits. For more information, please contact Ms. Gibson at or 757-217-9459.

ECPI Students Win “Most Innovative” Award at Dominion Enterprises’ Hackathon

ECPI University students Adam Myers, Kenneth Crim, and Justin Norman are accompanied by their Dominion Enterprises coaches in accepting their award.

ECPI University students Adam Myers, Kenneth Crim, and Justin Norman are accompanied by their Dominion Enterprises coaches in accepting their award.

A team of three ECPI University students from the Newport News and Virginia Beach campuses has been honored with the “Most Innovative Award” at Dominion Enterprises’ 7th Annual Hackathon, HACKU2. The two-day event held at Dominion Enterprises’ headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia is designed for students to gain real world software development experience by collaborating and designing functional games and apps. This year, teams were tasked with designing and programming working games, or game-themed apps by utilizing nationally recognized API’s as well as some used by Dominion Enterprises itself.

Game and Simulation students Kenneth Crim and Adam Myers and Web Development student Justin Norman developed a new approach to authenticating whether a user is human or not. This has the potential to replace the existing CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart) challenge-response test method. This approach utilizes a smiley face and a scroll bar where the user selects a particular smiley face image and find its match on a scroll bar to authenticate that they are not a “bot” – thereby reducing the amount of spam on a web site.

Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services and publishing company serving the automotive, recreational and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, employment, parenting, and travel industries. The company’s businesses provide a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions including Internet advertising, lead generation, customer relationship management, website design and hosting, and data management services. The company has more than 45 market-leading websites reaching more than 20 million unique visitors monthly. More than 77 million For Rent®, Employment Guide® and® publications are distributed nationwide each year.