Mayor’s Roundtable

ECPI University was pleased to host Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms today for one of his mayoral roundtables. Today’s discussion: encouraging manufacturing in Virginia Beach, most notably education for young people and workforce development.

NMTC Presents Chairman’s Award for Excellence in STEM Education to Paul Nussbaum of ECPI University

The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) has presented its Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education to Paul Nussbaum, Campus Director of Academic Affairs at the Richmond, VA campus of ECPI University.

The award is given in recognition of Mr. Nussbaum’s leadership in the creation of the Teachers Teaching Teachers program offered by ECPI. It was presented yesterday at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX.

Teachers Teaching Teachers is a STEM program that assists local public school teachers gain their re-certification and also deliver STEM to the classroom. These classes are heavily subsidized by ECPI University to make them affordable to the teachers. More importantly, the coursework includes term projects in which the teachers create tools that they can immediately use in their classroom. For example, the recently completed Storyboarding for Animation class required teachers go beyond pictures and movies to create interactive web pages that students can click on and actively control.
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Message From the President


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. For ECPI students, this time of year is much like any other, only hotter outside. Unlike traditional students, ours continue to attend classes….just one of the many reasons our students are special. They are also dedicated and driven to succeed. I hope you enjoy the cover article which explains how our graduates are able to complete their studies so efficiently, enter the workforce and begin building successful careers.

Helping successful graduates is a team effort. It begins with dedicated faculty and staff, and is nurtured by the many valuable partnerships that we have developed throughout the communities we serve. ECPI’s collaboration with employers and industry leaders ensures that our curriculum is up to date and your degree more relevant. Supporting the communities in which we live is equally important and we encourage all students to participate in their locality. I am presently surprised on a regular basis of all the great achievements of our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for your continued support and participation.


Mark Dreyfus

ECPI University Hosts Fort Eustis Soldiers

ECPI is proud to support our troops at Fort Eustis! Today, members of the 7th Sustainment Brigade spent the day at our Newport News campus attending an ICND1 Cisco class led by former ECPI student SPC. Preston Hall. ECPI was happy to donate the space and equipment to help our soldiers improve their skills.

Girls Get IT – Moorefield Campus Uses Group to Educate and Encourage

One of the top paying career fields is Information Technology and it’s no secret that it is and has historically been, a male dominated field.  With inspiration from a program originally created by Cisco®, ECPI is taking full advantage of its CIS Department Head and female role model, Mrs. Iantha Finley-Malban, to create their own original program called “Girls Get IT”.

A little play-on words for a program that exposes young women to the amazing world of Information Technology, this program consists of a small panel of female professionals from the industry sharing their experiences with young ladies.  Discussing anything from why they chose the field, to what their education was like, to what role they play, and how they got to where they are today, the young girls have an interactive dialogue with strong female leaders in their area.

After discussion and questions, participants are broken up into groups.  Each group is given a unique IT issue to discuss and try to solve, with one of the professionals helping them brainstorm, after which everyone comes back together as a group and shares the newly learned information.  ECPI also provides pizza during the small groups to continue the energy flow!

The students end up leaving energized and excited about the possibilities of their future, the panelist are equally enthusiastic about encouraging another generation, and ECPI has a blast sponsoring the event, creating strong ties between the campus and the community.