Accelerated Scheduling – Applying Sound Educational Principles to Improve Learning and Reduce Completion Time

It’s summer time and throughout the country, most university classrooms are quiet and dark. Students are traveling, working summer jobs and reconnecting with old friends. Such is the pace of the traditional college experience. And while there’s nothing wrong with it, there are those who simply cannot accommodate such a schedule. They may be older, have families or simply want to begin their careers as soon as humanly possible. For them, accelerated scheduling is the answer.

For all the news coverage and marketing associated with accelerated scheduling – predominately practiced by private sector colleges and universities – there are myriad misconceptions. In the case of ECPI University, the message is clear and concise: Zero to Bachelor’s in 2.5 years. Those unfamiliar with accelerated scheduling often assume that the course of study must somehow be abbreviated…nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, the same educational approach that allows students to graduate early also fosters more effective learning and increased graduation rates.

“The days of the ‘sage on the stage’ blowing in the door, delivering a 50-minute lecture on some arcane topic, and blowing out the door are over,” says Dr. Cathy Roberts, ECPI University Director of Institutional Effectiveness. “In my opinion, we offer higher education the way it should be done. Allowing students to apply what they are learning is critical to their retention of the material, and the accelerated course schedule allows us to do that.”
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Faculty Member Published in Medical Journal

Congratulations to Ms. Ann White who has been published in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. A member of the medical administration faculty at ECPI University’s Charlotte/Concord campus, she is part of a team of scholars working on AIDS/HIV research that has produced an article entitled,

Adolescents’ perceptions of a mobile cell phone text messaging-enhanced intervention and development of a mobile cell phone-based HIV prevention intervention.

Funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research, the article examines African American adolescents’ perceptions of mobile cell phone (MCP)-enhanced intervention and development of an MCP-based HIV prevention intervention. The results indicate a general receptiveness among the target audience for such outreach efforts using text messaging campaigns to provide education to parents and adolescents.

Student Veterans of America Executive Director Visits ECPI University

The Student Veterans of America Executive Director, Michael Dakduk, recently met with chapter leaders and student veterans at ECPI University’s Northern Virginia Campus. ECPI University invited Mr. Dakduk and other leaders in the veteran service community to the ECPI campus in Manassas, VA.

“There is a great deal of controversy surrounding for-profit institutions of higher learning because of a few bad actors. I want to be very clear when I say that this issue does not plague the entire for-profit sector. This is evidenced by ECPI’s willingness to be open and transparent about their university,” said Mr. Dakduk. “I was very impressed with the ECPI administration and SVA leadership on campus and consider ECPI’s SVA chapters to be model student veteran organizations. I hope other higher education institutions, both for-profit and not-for-profit, invite SVA to learn more about their campus veteran programs.”

“The needs of student veterans are different from the average college student and these needs are better met with the relative experiences and camaraderie only available from fellow veterans. That’s why I’m a proud member of the Student Veterans of America here at ECPI University. I’m proud of the support the school gives our student veterans. We drive our agenda and ECPI backs us up. No other student organization garners the same respect or carries the same clout as SVA,” said Felix Talamantes, a Navy student veteran pursuing his B.S. in Business Management.

“ECPI University has a large, dynamic veteran population and we are honored to have Student Veterans of America recognize our chapters as model student veteran organizations. ECPI takes the responsibility of educating veterans very seriously and we have a long history of helping veterans in our communities transition from the military to the classroom to successful careers in the workforce. The addition of SVA chapters on our campuses has significantly enhanced our veterans’ college experience and success by offering a forum for SVA member support of fellow veterans, and we look forward to continuing–and strengthening–our relationship with SVA,” said Mark Dreyfus, President of ECPI University.

ECPI University Hosts App Camp

ECPI University is pleased to have 25 high school students at its Virginia Beach campus this summer. In conjunction with Opportunity Inc., Junior Achievement and Virginia Beach Public Schools, the university is hosting App Camp, a six-week intensive course on mobile apps.

Students participating in this free program learn how to build an app, develop solutions for potential problems with the app and create graphics for the app’s interface. Led by ECPI University Associate Dean of Education Technology Gerry White, they will also learn how to make a basic game for mobile devices that is downloadable so they can play it with their friends.

Students then learn the business side of app development. Junior Achievement instructors guide them as they create a business plan to use their app to develop and sell a product. In the end, they will leave camp with a web portfolio which they can take into the workforce.

The ultimate goal, however, is to ignite student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by making these subjects fun. “You never know, this sort of experience just might lead a student down a very rewarding career path,” says White. “When you show them the practical applications of something they once considered abstract, it creates a fertile ground for learning.”