Nicole Myers – College Administration Marketing Analyst

Name: Nicole Myers

Title/Department: Marketing Analyst

Campus: College Administration

Month/Year of Hire at ECPI: April 2007

Favorite Book: Anything mystery or crime solving like Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson

Favorite TV Show: House, Survivor, Big Brother

Favorite Website, Social Media Platform or other Online Environment: of course! And Google is the best invention ever.

Favorite Food: PASTA

Favorite Season: Summer!

Favorite Sound: Silence. Or my dog’s snoring is pretty peaceful also.

Favorite person to visit:  Dentist, Doctor or Tax Accountant? Ummm, gosh I love them all, Dentist

What do you do to stay healthy? I enjoy running and I try to sign up for a few 8K races throughout the year to keep up the motivation.

What is one of your goals? Would like to run a half-marathon.

Who makes up your family? My husband, Jeff, and our 2 Pomeranian dogs Digi and Sable.