5 Surprising Facts About Food Service Management

5 Surprising Facts About Food Service Management | Culinary Institute of VirginiaThe food service industry earns almost $700 billion annually and, according to the National Restaurant Association, the food services industry employs one out of ten people working in the United States. Food services managers are business savvy, detail oriented, have excellent problem solving and customer service skills, as well as organizational and leadership skills. Food service management is a job where about 40% of those working in a management capacity are self-employed.

The success of any food service business depends largely on how well the business is managed. Competition in the food industry is fierce, and with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, anyone can be a food critic and share their dining experience with the world. Food service management means managing the day-to-day operations of restaurants, cafeterias, schools lunchrooms, or any place that prepares and serves food and beverages to the public. So, if you’ve considering a career in food service management, here are five things you should know: [Read more...]

Dental Assisting Students Join Legion of Volunteers

Dental Assisting Students Join Legion of Volunteers | Medical Careers InstituteThey lined up by the thousands, all hoping to be seen by a doctor, a dentist, or both. Many came from as far as 250 miles away. One man walked 15 miles. Most had not received any kind of healthcare in years. They represent the working poor, the unemployed, and the uninsured. In remote parts of Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia, there are simply not enough healthcare professionals to go around.

That’s why two charitable organizations – Missions of Mercy and Remote Area Medical – drum up an army of volunteers to converge on the tiny town of Wise, Virginia once a year. [Read more...]

The Evolution of Network Security

The Evolution of Network Security | ECPI UniversityAccording to USA Today, in 2013 there were over 130 million malicious software programs released to steal personal, financial, and business data from government, business and personal networks.

Information, and the need to protect it from the bad guys, shaped the history and development of the western world. All it takes is one slip up and nations fall, wars are launched, and billions of dollars lost. Valuable information has always been at risk from entities seeking to rob or misuse it. Even before the rise of the information age, people used ingenious methods to get their hands on sensitive data.  The earliest case of information being disrupted maliciously happened in 1903 when someone interrupted Mr. Marconi’s “secure” wireless telegraph system and replaced the message with rude messages. [Read more...]

Culinary Institute of Virginia Graduate to Appear on This Season of Hell’s Kitchen

Culinary Institute of Virginia Graduate to Appear on This Season of Hell's KitchenWhen Hell’s Kitchen premieres on the FOX Network on September 10, there will be a familiar face among this season’s contestants. Bryant Gallaher, a Virginia Beach resident and graduate of the Culinary Institute of Virginia, will be one of 12 aspiring chefs on the television show who will work on a series of challenges to demonstrate kitchen prowess.

Throughout the series, chefs are eliminated from the game based on their performance until an ultimate winner is selected. Gallaher is on the Blue Team. Gallaher started his culinary journey almost 15 years ago as a dishwasher and has worked his way up in the kitchen to an executive chef position. He says the secret to his success is a never-ending search for excellence. [Read more...]

The Ugly Truth About A Practical Nursing Career

The Truth About A Career in Practical Nursing | ECPI University | Medical Careers InstituteThe “ugly” truth about practical nursing is that it is not an easy job and not for everyone! It is a career centered around helping others with a level of care and compassion that is not typical of the average person. That said, if you truly have a heart for service and caring for others, than this career path can be quite rewarding. With baby boomers aging and the demand for nurses expected to grow, there is no better time to become a licensed practical nurse. Becoming a licensed practical nurse requires a lot of hard work, and this particular career may require you to be available on nights, weekends, and holidays but the rewards are great.

If you are looking to join this rewarding and lucrative career field, here is what you need to know: [Read more...]