ECPI University Named “Best for Vets” 4 Straight Years

ECPI University Named “Best for Vets” 4 Straight YearsFor the fourth year in a row, ECPI University has been named “Best for Vets” by the Military Times. Ranked number two nationwide among online and nontraditional schools, ECPI University has been rated among the top three since 2012.

As with all Best for Vets rankings, Best for Vets: Colleges 2015 is an editorially independent news project that assesses the many factors that make an institution a good fit for military veterans, service members, and their families. Each of the participating colleges and universities is required to methodically document all of its services, incentives, performance metrics, and accommodations that combine to create a campus culture that is conducive to veteran success. [Read more...]

Military Spotlight: Electronics Engineering Technology Grad Becomes Overnight Success…30 Years in the Making

Military Spotlight EET When Darryl Stocks arrived for this first class at ECPI University, he was a man on a mission. A retired Petty Officer First Class, he was focused on one thing: get in and get out. But it wasn’t quite that simple. He had tried college many years ago, first in the early 80s. Throughout his naval career he took some classes at different points but never finished his degree.

In August of last year, he enrolled at ECPI University’s Virginia Beach campus to earn his Associate of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. “I was like ‘wow, back in college again,” says Darryl. “I was little unsure at first. There were certain classes like English that always seemed to give me trouble but I started going to the Writing Assistance Center and it made all the difference. I have to give a lot of credit to Mrs. Tracy Jewett. She was so helpful and proactive. I started making A’s. I had never made A’s in English before!” [Read more...]

Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts

Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts | ECPI UniversityChoosing a career in accounting offers numerous benefits, not only for your professional life, but personal life as well. Accounting can be a very diverse field if you choose to explore the many options it has to offer.

Accounting offers several different employment opportunities. Forensic accounting, business management, auditing, and tax preparation are just a few of the areas that you can pursue. Tax and business accountants work well in fast-paced settings and are highly-skilled. They are extremely organized and are able to work within well-defined parameters. Auditing is also a valuable specialty that can be used in a variety of occupational settings. [Read more...]

ECPI University Awards Over $5 MIllion in Scholarships Last Year Alone!

ECPI University Awards Over $5 MIllion in Scholarships Last Year Alone! | ECPI UniversityNovember marks the beginning of the college scholarship application season, so it’s only appropriate that this month should commemorate a process that has changed the lives of so many people. Sponsored by the National Scholarship Providers Association, National Scholarship Month represents a concerted effort to make quality education accessible to deserving students.

This month is all about educating prospective college students about education funding. Unlike loans, scholarships and grants do not have to be repaid. That alone gives students much greater flexibility when selecting a college. They can pick a school that fits them the best instead of the one that they can simply afford. [Read more...]

Public Speaking Tips for Business Students and Professionals

Public Speaking Tips for Business Students and Professionals | ECPI UniversityPublic speaking can be daunting for many people, especially if they don’t have a natural gift for it. Oral Communication 101 is a typical college general education requirement, but even this class can leave many feeling inadequately prepared for the spotlight. However, any one can be an excellent speaker with practice and a few tips and tricks.

This can be a quite undesirable task, especially when you’re not looking forward to the presentation. However, the act of writing out your speech will leave you more confident in what you have to say and how to say it. [Read more...]