ECPI University Professor Presents at International Conference

 ECPI University faculty member Corey Keating recently delivered a presentation at the International Conference on Computing and Missions in Doetinchem, Netherlands. Conference attendees came from all over Europe, with a few coming from the U.S. and Canada. The conference covered all aspects of technology and computing for mission organizations, many of which operate as international companies. The conference theme centered on mobile computing to enhance effective operations.

Mr. Keating’s security presentation focused on Deniable File Systems and was featured in the Advanced Technology Track. “Although encrypting data is a trivial task, the ability to plausibly deny the existence of truly sensitive data, even under the pressure of hostile adversaries, is a very difficult problem from a technological perspective, “says Keating. “I presented various methods and tools to maintain hidden, encrypted data. The methods ranged from fairly simplistic to very sophisticated, based on a person’s risk situation. Due to the potentially incriminating nature of this material to those traveling into hostile parts of the world, my presentation is not being published or made readily available to the public.”

Keating is the co-founder of Mark 5 Ministries, a non-profit organization providing computer support to missionaries, and is a full-time instructor at the Online Campus of ECPI University where he teaches computer networking and security courses. Before entering his teaching career, he worked in the IT field in various positions, including network manager, systems engineer and director of IT. Besides having a master’s degree in computer information systems and a master of arts in theology, he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in information systems, with a concentration in computer security; the topic of his dissertation involves information systems risk management.

“We are proud to have ECPI University so well represented through Mr Keating at this important international conference,” says ECPI Academic Department Head Dr. Gary Mansi. “He serves as a great example that our faculty is not only made up of world-class minds, but world-class people as well.”

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