Top 5 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Smartphone

Top 5 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Smartphone | ECPI UniversityStudents in college are undoubtedly confronted with boatloads of responsibilities relative to their previous high school lives. As a result, the transition is often filled with pitfalls. It’s not only an adjustment period, but what’s expected of you is far greater than the life you used to be accustomed to.

Today, there seems to be an app for every practical purpose in life. This list of apps are designed to make college life easier; so when it comes to college, “There’s an app for that” too! Try these helpful apps, and this is just the tip of the iceberg because there are plenty more where this came from!

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EXPO Reveals the “Truth” About Manufacturing Jobs

EXPO Reveals the “Truth” About Manufacturing Jobs | ECPI University | MFGDAY14They came with robots, 3D printers, and advanced machinery of all types. Manufacturers from across Coastal Virginia arrived at ECPI University ready to change some minds. It was all part of a nationwide event called Manufacturing Day Expo, held on October 3. Sponsored by a coalition of professional associations and leading manufacturers, it was one of many such events held simultaneously at cities around the nation, all with one purpose in mind: to dispel the outdated myths associated with manufacturing careers.

“It’s nothing like it used to be,” says ECPI University Virginia Beach Campus President Kevin Paveglio. “People who work in manufacturing operate in a more automated and rewarding environment. They use technical skills to trouble shoot, set-up and program components like robots, automated systems and computers…and they experience very competitive compensation and benefits.” What’s more, according to a recent study by Deloitte Touche, there are an estimated 600,000 technical jobs waiting to be filled throughout the nation…and that number is growing. [Read more...]

Dental Assisting Degree: 7 Things You Should Know

Dental Assisting Degree: 7 Things You Should Know | Medical Careers Institute of ECPI UniversityFor those interested in interacting directly with patients, working in a professional healthcare setting, and assisting doctors on a daily basis, a career as a dental assistant is a wonderful, rewarding, and challenging option.

Dental assistants are a vital part of the dental community and provide a valuable service to dentists and patients.

In addition to offering a flexible schedule, a competitive salary, and the opportunity to help others, there’s lots to know about a dental assisting degree; here’s a look at some of the opportunities, responsibilities, and rewards of this degree. [Read more...]

The Graduation Imperative Welcomes ECPI University Columbia SC Campus

The Graduation Imperative Welcomes ECPI University Columbia SC CampusThe ECPI University Columbia SC Campus has joined The Graduation Imperative. Anchored around institutions of higher education, it’s a community-led initiative aimed at increasing the number of college graduates. By improving college retention, members will encourage economic growth and development in the region.

According to the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, educational attainment is one of the biggest predictors of success for cities and metro areas today. Simply put, the more educated a city’s population, the more robust its economy will be. What’s more, increasing the four-year college degree attainment rate in each of the country’s 51 largest metropolitan areas by 1 per cent would generate an increase in personal income of $124 billion per year for the nation. [Read more...]

5 Qualities the Best People in Criminal Justice Tend to Have

5 Qualities the Best People in Criminal Justice Tend to Have | ECPI UniversityCriminal justice is a growing job field with plenty of opportunities for the right candidates. Some of the exciting careers in criminal justice include law enforcement, corrections, legal, security, and forensics. If you’re drawn to the criminal justice career field, here are some of the 5 most useful traits that will you help you succeed.

Excellent Personal Ethics

Working in criminal justice requires that you have a strong inner sense of right and wrong. Being in a position of power involves public trust, but abusing that trust can have devastating consequences, not only the people you serve but for your own career as well. You need a well-developed sense of ethics to succeed in criminal justice.

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