Virtual Publications: Adapting to 21st Century Learning Styles

Blog-Virtual PublicationsGutenberg books have provided written information for centuries where any reader could pick up a text and absorb the ideas of the writer no matter where he was as long as he had a copy of the book. Fast-forward across centuries to the present, and we still have a similar format for publishing books and edition changes. The graphics and images may have improved over time, but little else has ultimately changed.

College students from the past can certainly remember going to the book store and spending hundreds of dollars per semester for text books, many of which the professor never even used. Additionally, many of the lectures in class and/or the course assessments were not always in sync with textbook chapters, often leading to student frustrations over assignments and grades [Read more...]

5 of the Biggest Trends in Culinary Arts This Year

5 of the Biggest Trends in Culinary Arts This YearAs the year winds down, connoisseurs of every imaginable pleasure — from movies and fashion to meals and drinks – are whittling down the biggest trends of 2014. For chefs, fine diners, and food critics, this year’s most noticeable trends look a lot like last year’s. They still revolve around environmental, ethical, and dietary concerns, but there are a few surprises too.

In order to whet America’s collective appetite with your next meal or menu, study these five food trends of the year. They might just be your recipe for restaurant success.

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ECPI University Supports Graduate With MS Disability!

ECPI University Disability Policies Help MS Student Graduate!ECPI University has a long history of supporting and helping students with disabilities achieve their educational goals whether that’s a degree, diploma or certificate. This particular story is also featured in the Virginia Pilot and is posted on Hampton

Thomas Cevora has always been a man of action. An Army veteran, he went to work on tug boats after leaving the service. From there, he moved to rail cars. Fourteen years ago, a clock started ticking and he knew at some point that a physically active life would no longer be his to enjoy.

Thomas has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). That fateful day he long feared arrived three years ago. “When I resigned from the railroad, I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” says Thomas. “Everybody said I should go on disability but that just wasn’t for me. I have to be doing something.” [Read more...]

5 Growing Career Fields in the Cloud Computing Industry

5 Growing Career Fields in the Cloud Computing Industry | ECPI UniversityThe IT industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. Today, this industry is undergoing another major revolution with the overwhelming adoption of technologies surrounding cloud computing. While the traditional approach to computing is continuing to flourish, cloud computing is creating a new dynamic demand for highly-qualified and specialized IT professionals.

Some of the cloud computing jobs and careers are completely indigenous to the cloud, but others are new iterations of older, well-known positions. In either case, all  cloud computing careers demand highly-skilled and well-educated professionals. The following information explains a few of the fastest growing and most rewarding cloud computing jobs available. [Read more...]

Degree Spotlight: Healthcare Administration

Degree Spotlight: Healthcare Administration | Medical Careers Institute | ECPI University | College of Health ScienceWhether you just finished a nursing program or are exploring a new career in healthcare, the healthcare administrator is an essential part of the healthcare industry as a whole.  It’s also a great place to build and utilize organizational and management skills you have learned.

The job of the healthcare administrator is to plan and oversee efficient healthcare delivery within a healthcare organization.

A healthcare administrator may oversee a department within a healthcare facility or groups of departments.

The departments could include:

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