How Much Does a Software Developer Make?

Ho wmuch does a software developer make? | ECPI UniversitySoftware is organized digital information that helps computers work. The information is organized as instructions in the form of code written by programmers. The code will operate the computer or perform specific functions like accounting, word processing, human resources, and more.   Software Developers can take many career paths. They might create programs from scratch. They might work on the logic of a program or the architecture of a system. They might develop computer operating systems or applications. They are likely to work on teams for companies that build and sell software or for companies needing proprietary work. [Read more...]

The Evolution of Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) | ECPI UniversityWhen it comes to the electronics engineering field, it’s brave new world – and it’s one filled with opportunity. Gone are the days when you needed 5-6 years of school to compete for good jobs. Why? It’s not because the skills are any less demanding. No, it’s because select educational institutions have optimized the tutorial efficiency of the subjects being taught. [Read more...]

Medical Careers Institute Graduate – In the Business of Making Smiles!

MCI Graduate – Brian Jones n the Business of Making Smiles | ECPI UniversityAs an Army combat medic, Brian Jones rarely saw any smiles. His world was dangerous and exhausting. Still, he was dedicated to helping others. As a reservist, he stands at the ready when needed but he’s also pursuing his new career in healthcare administration. Graduating this past summer from ECPI University’s School of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute (MCI), he is now Executive Director of the Park Place Dental Clinic in Norfolk, Virginia. [Read more...]

How Much Does a Surgical Technologist Make?

How Much Does a Surgical Technologist Make? | ECPI UniversitySurgery is the most invasive of all medical procedures. It requires a team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of care and it all begins with the Surgical Technologist. Sometimes called  operating room technicians, they are the people who ensure that the operating room is prepared to accommodate the specific needs of each surgical procedure. Once surgery is underway, they play a vital role in providing doctors the instruments and materials they need.

In this article we will explore what a Surgical Technologist is, what they do, how much they can earn and how to become one.  So if you’re at all curious about surgical technology as a career, then you are certainly in the right place!  [Read more...]

Virginia Cabinet Members Visit Student Veterans at ECPI University

Virginia Cabinet Members Visit Student Vets | ECPI UniversityVirginia Secretary of Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security John Harvey and Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson came to the ECPI University, Virginia Beach campus this week, seeking to learn “what’s working” for veterans who are making the transition to civilian life. After touring the campus, they met with members of the University’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter.

Looking to find ways to boost graduation rates and employment among Virginia’s veterans, Secretary Harvey, a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, wanted to know why students chose ECPI University. “I work fast,” said Criminal Justice student Athena Williams. “That’s how we worked in the Navy. ECPI University’s five-week terms and year-round schedule work very well for me.” [Read more...]