ECPI University Graduates and Students Meet with Texas Instruments

Student Ryan Rosenstock offers test taking tips to classmates.

Student Ryan Rosenstock offers test taking tips to classmates.

Texas Instruments' Darrell Krummee reviews a student's resume.

Texas Instruments’ Darrell Krummee reviews a student’s resume.

Tech Giant Returns to Campus Searching for New Employees

Texas Instruments (TI) is back on campus with ECPI in Virginia Beach. This marks the third time in the past year that the Fortune 200 Company has come to meet ECPI University’s soon-to-be graduates. TI has become a victim of its own success. Even with more than 35,000 employees in 35 countries and 100,000 customers, the tech giant continues to grow. Also, the average tenure for the company’s technicians is 20 years, so it’s clear that they are very happy but many are beginning to retire. [Read more...]

How to Become a Web Developer – Fast!

How to become a web developer - FAST ! | ECPI UniversityWebsite’s have become the primary method for companies to conduct business on the internet. Gone are the days when websites were no more than electronic brochures. Today’s websites are dynamic and interactive and they require web developers who can maximize their potential as a communication tool and revenue generator.  In addition, websites have become the primary way to communicate and educate potential customers, clients and employees and a place to build online communities that can provide support, help and guidance for a company’s products or services. [Read more...]

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make? | ECPI UniversitySooner or later, people will run into a Medical Assistant at the doctor’s office. Medical Assistants support physicians, ophthalmologists, and optometrists and other healthcare professionals in outpatient and ambulatory clinics and offices. They multitask, mixing office work with medical tasks like drawing blood, giving injections, or taking medical histories. With experience, they may perform specialized roles.

As U.S. News & World Report shows, the biggest demand for Medical Assistants is in densely populated urban hospitals, like San Francisco, and in low population areas, like Fairbanks, Alaska. The thinking is that population and location will drive the demand for Medical Assistant opportunities. And, increased demand will drive income increases.

[Read more...]

ECPI University Graduate Who Works with Dummies – No Really!

ECPI University Graduate - Working with dummiesMarvin Hatchett spends his days surrounded by dummies. Yet, he enjoys every moment. That’s because this 1984 ECPI University graduate is the Dummy Calibration Lab Manager at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Yes, Marvin Hatchett crashes cars for a living. He does so with a single goal in mind: to save as many lives as possible.

 At his lab in Ruckersville, Virginia, he prepares crash dummies for a variety of collisions. It’s critically important that each dummy is calibrated to near perfection to ensure consistent results and reliable comparative data for other researchers doing similar work. [Read more...]

How to Become a Sonographer (Ultrasound Tech)

How to Become a Sonographer (Ultrasound Tech) | Medical Careers Institute | Ecpi UniversityFor those who have dreamed of a medical career that is both in high demand and allows them to work in a high-tech environment where they can work with and help people on a daily basis, then a career of an ultrasound technician may be the perfect fit.

What Does A Sonographer Do?

Sonography is the use of sound waves to create a picture of the body that allows for diagnosing conditions. There are many uses for this non-invasive procedure. When people think of ultrasounds, or sonograms, they often think of it as something that is performed in pregnancy. While this is often the case, sonography is also used in a variety of ways to determine the cause of many symptoms in the body. In fact, new innovations continue to propel its use and application. For those who appreciate challenge and have a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives, sonography is a great field to consider. Sonographers often specialize in a particular type of medicine or area of the body, such as: [Read more...]