Leading the Way in Simulation Education Training

Leading the Way in Simulation Education Training | ECPI UniversityHow ECPI University Uses Technology to Prepare Students for the Real Thing – There is little doubt, this is an exciting time to be both a student and a teacher. With rapid advances in technology, it seems new opportunities pop up most every day – opportunities to enhance learning and develop important skills. As an institution dedicated to educational excellence, ECPI University has long been a leader in classroom and online technology. Simulation is no exception.

“The latest wave of advancements began with the evolution of tablets, apps, and headsets like Google Glass,” says ECPI University Associate Dean of Academic Technology Gerry White. “Given the significant improvements in software development, we can now use these technologies to simulate experiences that help students learn the skills they will need in the real world. While simulation is an imitation of real world scenarios, they look more and more real every day.” [Read more...]

ECPI University Scholarship Opportunities

ECPI University Scholarship OpportunitiesSince it was first founded nearly 50 years ago, ECPI University has been dedicated to making college affordable for all students. In 2013 alone, we awarded more than $5 Million in scholarships and financial aid. What’s more, ECPI University tuition ranks well below most colleges and universities in Virginia, North Carolina and even nationally.

Nonetheless, paying for college can be a bit daunting. That’s why ECPI University is launching a comprehensive scholarship campaign to help you bridge the affordability gap for a college education. It has been developed to bring awareness to and help as many prospective students as possible and ensure that a college education is affordable for as many people as possible. [Read more...]

Newport News Dental Assistant Student Tries to Make Dental Visits Less Scary

Newport News Dental Assistant Student Tries to Make Dental Visits Less Scary | Medical Careers Institute | ECPI UniversityWhen Nichole Golden was very young, she was quite nervous about visiting the dentist. Then, she met a special dental assistant. “She extended so much kindness and her demeanor really helped me get over my fears,” says Nichole. Years later, Nichole decided that she too would become a dental assistant.

Nichole began her studies at the ECPI University, Newport News campus in January 2013 and has quickly established herself as a leader. “She’s made a huge difference in the Dental Assisting Club,” says Program Director Maribeth Mojares. “When she first joined the club, we only had five or six members. Now, we have around 25 members. In class, she’s very dedicated and always looking to help fellow classmates.” [Read more...]

5 Accounting Jobs that are HOT!

5 Accounting Jobs that are HOTAccounting careers continue to trend toward increasing availability, earning potential, and variety in opportunities. While many people assume excellent mathematical skills are a must, what really counts is good attention to detail and an interest in watching for patterns.

Accountants at all levels manage and report on the financial and tax obligations of businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities. They make sure bills get paid, income is accounted for, and all business practices concerning money are taken care of according to professional standards of practice and the law. [Read more...]

Information Technology Management: Best Kept Secrets!

Information Technology Management: Best Kept Secrets! | ECPI UniversityThe IT field is growing…and that growth is being fueled by innovation. Such growth and change requires the steady hand and experience of a seasoned IT Manager.

It’s an exciting field and if you’re interested in pursuing it as a career, having the right education is where it all begins. But first, let’s take a closer look at the profession.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s all being influenced by a variety of market changes and technical advances such as: [Read more...]