MCI Faculty Member Offers Dental Care and Hope

MCI Offering Dental Care and HopeLast year, Vicki Brett signed on to chair the Dental Care Project for Montero Medical Missions, a non-profit interfaith humanitarian organization that creates sustainable healthcare projects throughout the world. After nearly a year of careful preparation, the Virginia Beach Campus’ Dental Assisting Program Director has just completed her first mission trip.

Her 20-day journey began in the Philippines where she and her team saw more than 500 patients, performing extractions and surgery. From there they continued to Mongolia, serving more than 400 patients. The care they provided was essential but it’s what they left behind that could have the greatest impact. Throughout the trip, they met with local college and university students and began training them to become oral health educators. “Approximately half the world’s population has serious dental health problems, including tooth decay, periodontitis, and tooth loss,” says Brett. “This is one way we can provide not just temporary relief, but sustainable care to undeserved populations like these.” [Read more...]

How Much Does a Database Programmer Make?

How Much Does a Database Programmer Make? | ECPI UniversityAs Information Technology (IT) becomes an increasingly necessary and relevant career field, many students are wisely pursuing a career in programming. Database programmers in particular have a bright career outlook in today’s market, an important role to play in keeping each business successful, and a comfortable salary to look forward to.

They keep your personal data where it’s supposed to be, support cloud-based storage systems that contain your important files, and help your employer or university keep up complex networks between multiple locations and levels of authority. [Read more...]

ECPI University, Greenville SC Alumni Deliver STEM to Local Youth

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Foundation Technologies, Inc. (FTI) has been a valuable partner for ECPI University’s Greenville, SC campus, currently employing three graduates and one current student. It is also a generous member of the community.

The company is preparing to launch a new initiative called Fun Technology Innovations where it will expose youth to exciting technologies in a camp setting and, ultimately, expand into full-time programs for interested youth and their families. [Read more...]

A Beginners Guide to Hospitality Management as a Career

A Beginners Guide to Hospitality Management as a Career | ECPI University | Culinary Institute of VirginiaHospitality management is a broad industry, containing positions for people with many different skill sets. The first step in beginning a career in this field is to decide which of these positions to pursue. The three most common hospitality jobs are lodging management, food service management, and event planning.

Food service management is the ideal career for those who enjoy feeding people but are not so fond of cooking. Food service managers control the day-to-day operations of restaurants, clubs, bars, and other businesses that sell food. They hire, train, and supervise employees, inspect and replace inventory and supplies, explore and resolve customer complaints, and maintain all budgets and financial bookkeeping. [Read more...]

5 Medical Apps for Nursing and Medical Assisting Professionals

5 Medical Apps for Nursing and Medical Assistanting Professionals | ECPI University | Medical Careers InstituteWithout a doubt, the medical field has changed with the advent of medical apps. Easy to download, and accessible by a wide variety of phones, tablets, and modern technology, medical apps can offer healthcare professionals a helpful, reliable database of useful information.

Supplementing working knowledge with the best medical apps on the market can keep medical professionals up-to-speed in the workplace.

Many medical apps include the same or similar base features in their programming. As such, medical professionals should try to choose the app (or apps) that best suit their needs and preferences, rather than downloading multiple, redundant applications. Here are some of the more popular apps on the market (all of these apps are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, and Android devices):

[Read more...]