Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts

Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts | ECPI UniversityChoosing a career in accounting offers numerous benefits, not only for your professional life, but personal life as well. Accounting can be a very diverse field if you choose to explore the many options it has to offer.

Accounting offers several different employment opportunities. Forensic accounting, business management, auditing, and tax preparation are just a few of the areas that you can pursue. Tax and business accountants work well in fast-paced settings and are highly-skilled. They are extremely organized and are able to work within well-defined parameters. Auditing is also a valuable specialty that can be used in a variety of occupational settings. [Read more...]

Public Speaking Tips for Business Students and Professionals

Public Speaking Tips for Business Students and Professionals | ECPI UniversityPublic speaking can be daunting for many people, especially if they don’t have a natural gift for it. Oral Communication 101 is a typical college general education requirement, but even this class can leave many feeling inadequately prepared for the spotlight. However, any one can be an excellent speaker with practice and a few tips and tricks.

This can be a quite undesirable task, especially when you’re not looking forward to the presentation. However, the act of writing out your speech will leave you more confident in what you have to say and how to say it. [Read more...]

5 Business Administration Degree Jobs that are HOT

5 Business Administration Degree Jobs that are HOT | ECPI UniversityIn the tough economic climate, a degree in business administration may be just the solution for a highly competitive job market. Business administration is the study of the fundamental components of how business works. Students with a degree in business administration can be more prepared for the demands of the fast-paced business world.

These students have been prepped with courses in business policy and strategy, financial management, marketing, accounting, and several others. As a result, students with a degree in business administration can be prepared to take advantage of the following top 5 hot jobs. [Read more...]

5 Accounting Jobs that are HOT!

5 Accounting Jobs that are HOTAccounting careers continue to trend toward increasing availability, earning potential, and variety in opportunities. While many people assume excellent mathematical skills are a must, what really counts is good attention to detail and an interest in watching for patterns.

Accountants at all levels manage and report on the financial and tax obligations of businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities. They make sure bills get paid, income is accounted for, and all business practices concerning money are taken care of according to professional standards of practice and the law. [Read more...]

Manassas Uses a Scenario Straight from the Headlines for Discovery Day

The idea for a creative Discovery Day came from headlines from across the country: bank tellers stealing customer’s information and internal employees’ granting access for thievery. There seems to be enough material for a Hollywood movie or a great way for guests of ECPI University and MCI in Manassas, Virginia, to witness the skills learned upon enrollment in one of the university’s programs.

Guests to the campus on April 16 were briefed on the back-ground of the situation in the form of a video and a newspaper article. The scenario played out like this:

Two suspects were taken into custody from a bank headquarters. After entering the building with a valid security code, the suspects allegedly proceeded to the company’s intelligence center where silent alarms were activated. The mail room supervisor at the headquarters reportedly used her access information to get into the building. The second suspect, a male, is currently being treated for a heart attack. After the suspects were detained, he began experiencing chest pain and was taken to the hospital. ADT security systems received the trespassing alert; police were notified immediately. Upon arrival, police officers found the two suspects in the intelligence center. In a panic, the female attempted to flee the building but was brought into custody within moments. The male did not resist arrest. While police are unsure of the exact motive, the two suspects appear to have stolen account and demographic information from 2,000+ bank customers. The bank’s security team and local authorities are currently assessing their security breach.
[Read more...]