Dual Enrollment Graduate Begins Career Early

Dual enrollment Grduate begins career early | ECPI UniversityWhen Matt Hammond was attending high school in Henrico County, Virginia, he learned that his school had a dual enrollment agreement with ECPI University’s Richmond – Innsbrook Campus. A sophomore at the time, he knew he wanted to go to college and figured this would give him an advantage – earn some credits in advance and get his feet wet in the college environment. Now at the age of 20, he has a college degree and is working as network security analyst at the General Electric (GE) Security Technology Center in Richmond.

“Taking that first class, was one of the best decisions of my life,” says Matt. “I’m a very practical person, and I quickly realized that ECPI University fit me perfectly. I really liked the hands-on learning. I had friends who attended more traditional schools and they were pretty much stuck with their text books. I, on the other hand, got to touch the routers and switches, not just read about them. And of course, they’re still in school and I’m on the job making money!” [Read more...]

The Evolution of Network Security

The Evolution of Network Security | ECPI UniversityAccording to USA Today, in 2013 there were over 130 million malicious software programs released to steal personal, financial, and business data from government, business and personal networks.

Information, and the need to protect it from the bad guys, shaped the history and development of the western world. All it takes is one slip up and nations fall, wars are launched, and billions of dollars lost. Valuable information has always been at risk from entities seeking to rob or misuse it. Even before the rise of the information age, people used ingenious methods to get their hands on sensitive data.  The earliest case of information being disrupted maliciously happened in 1903 when someone interrupted Mr. Marconi’s “secure” wireless telegraph system and replaced the message with rude messages. [Read more...]

ECPI University Student Selected for GE’s Information Technology Leadership Program

ECPI University Student Eric Richardson Gets Selected for GE’s Information Technology Leadership ProgramAfter 12 years in the U.S. Army, Eric Richardson is making a superb transition to civilian life. He’s on track to graduate from the Raleigh campus this fall. He’s on the Dean’s List, and has served as president for all of the honor societies, as well as the Student Advisory Council. Now, he’s working in one of the nation’s best internship programs.

Eric was selected for General Electric’s (GE) Information Technology Leadership Program, the premier technical leadership program at GE, offering those with a passion for information technology the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, business acumen and technical aptitude, while building a career with unlimited potential. Program members lead by doing, gaining real-world experience by working on important and challenging projects alongside some of the brightest technical minds in the world. [Read more...]

Why Should I Become a Software Developer?

Why Should I become a Software Developer? | ECPI UniversityWhen it comes to predicting job growth, there is no crystal ball. However, we can identify trends. There are certain career fields that continue to grow and will likely be important in the future, including healthcare, financial services, and web development. Then there are careers that touch nearly every industry on earth. Such is the case with software development. [Read more...]

How Much Does a Network Security Analyst Make?

How much does a network security analyst make? | ECPI UniversityThe notion of security is far different today than at any other time in history. Castle walls have been replaced with fire walls as the overwhelming majority of attacks now come through cyberspace. This is where the Network Security Analyst comes into play; they effectively replace the armories of the past with a robust arsenal of skills tailored to identifying threats before they happen, and dealing with the few that get through – the kind of skills taught at ECPI University.

In fact, the skills of a Network Security Analyst are valuable in today’s world that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 26% greater change in employment than the average for all occupations. More than one in three positions remains unfulfilled, and looks to remain so for the next decade. [Read more...]