5 Myths About Database Programming: Busted!

5 Myths About Database Programming: BUSTED! | ECPI UniversityAccording to Dictionary.com: “A myth is a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.”

And just like bad code needs to be fixed and debugged, myths need to be debunked/busted with every chance we get so that the right information gets to the right people, at the right time. The problem with myths is that some people take them as truth and then make decisions based off of this erroneous information.  While that may not matter much when it come to myths about fast food restaurants and where a person chooses to eat, it could have life altering and life long consequences if the myth is related to a career decision.  [Read more...]

ECPI University, Northern VA Student Carries on a Family Legacy

ECPI University, Northern VA Student Carries on a Family LegacyBy the time he was a senior in high school, ECPI University student Kristian Foster had already refurbished nine dilapidated computers and created his own network. His love of technology had been nurtured by his grandfather, Arthur, a lifelong IT professional who took his first computer course at ECPI in 1969. When Kristian announced that he too wanted to attend ECPI University, it was welcome news.

Of course, much has changed since Arthur was a student. Back then, ECPI was known as Electronic Computer Programming Institute and it was one of the few schools offering courses in computer programming at the time. “I had already completed two years of school at Virginia State College, but I was still working at a shoe factory,” says Arthur. “Then one day, I saw an IBM display at a shopping center and asked the man from IBM how I could learn how to work with computers and he suggested ECPI.” [Read more...]

What Manufacturing Careers Really Look Like Today – Infographic

What Manufacturing Careers Today Look Like | ECPI UniversityAsk most any student what careers they might be considering and it’s unlikely they will list manufacturing. For the most part, other careers are promoted much more vigorously toward those who are well-versed in the science, technology, math and engineering.

Manufacturing is the engine that drives over 17 million jobs in the United States alone – and that number is growing.

However, there isn’t a single field that completely encompasses these related subjects better than manufacturing, which is the sole industry that feeds all other product and service-oriented industries across the United States and the world. [Read more...]

ECPI University Charlotte-Concord Graduate Joins USAA as Software Developer

ECPI University Charlotte-Concord Graduate Joins USAA as Software Developer | ECPI GraduateAsk Tenell Berry about ECPI University’s Career Services Department, and you’ll likely see a big smile. She’s living proof that working closely with an ECPI career adviser can really pay off. In Tenell’s case, it nearly doubled her salary. [Read more...]

How Much Does a Software Developer Make?

Ho wmuch does a software developer make? | ECPI UniversitySoftware is organized digital information that helps computers work. The information is organized as instructions in the form of code written by programmers. The code will operate the computer or perform specific functions like accounting, word processing, human resources, and more.   Software Developers can take many career paths. They might create programs from scratch. They might work on the logic of a program or the architecture of a system. They might develop computer operating systems or applications. They are likely to work on teams for companies that build and sell software or for companies needing proprietary work. [Read more...]