The Value of a Nursing Degree In Today’s World

The Value of a Nursing Degree In Today's World | ECPI University | Medical Careers InstituteSimply put, not all registered nurses are the same. It is true that some nurses are men while others are women, but the true distinction in the nursing field is their level of education. To become a registered nurse, the student is required to pass the NCLEX Exam.  However, in order for a student to be eligible for the NCLEX exam, they must earn either an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

While the outcome is the same if the student passes the NCLEX Exam, nurses with a BSN are simply better prepared to face their career. The following information explains the inherent value of a BSN degree. [Read more...]

MCI Medical Assistant Student Lands Dream Job

MCI Medical Assistant Student Lands Dream Job | ECPI University | Medical Careers InsitutueThis is a story of perseverance. It’s also a great example of how to land a job. Courtney Simmons first came to me as a Medical Assisting near-graduate. We worked on her career plan, résumé, and mock interview together.

The quiet, humble type, our main focus was on Courtney’s salesmanship. We wanted her to project confidence and energy to employers, while maintaining her authenticity. She was like a sponge. Every recommendation was received with an open mind and an eager heart. [Read more...]

ECPI University Named “Best for Vets” 4 Straight Years

ECPI University Named “Best for Vets” 4 Straight YearsFor the fourth year in a row, ECPI University has been named “Best for Vets” by the Military Times. Ranked number two nationwide among online and nontraditional schools, ECPI University has been rated among the top three since 2012.

As with all Best for Vets rankings, Best for Vets: Colleges 2015 is an editorially independent news project that assesses the many factors that make an institution a good fit for military veterans, service members, and their families. Each of the participating colleges and universities is required to methodically document all of its services, incentives, performance metrics, and accommodations that combine to create a campus culture that is conducive to veteran success. [Read more...]

Military Spotlight: Electronics Engineering Technology Grad Becomes Overnight Success…30 Years in the Making

Military Spotlight EET When Darryl Stocks arrived for this first class at ECPI University, he was a man on a mission. A retired Petty Officer First Class, he was focused on one thing: get in and get out. But it wasn’t quite that simple. He had tried college many years ago, first in the early 80s. Throughout his naval career he took some classes at different points but never finished his degree.

In August of last year, he enrolled at ECPI University’s Virginia Beach campus to earn his Associate of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. “I was like ‘wow, back in college again,” says Darryl. “I was little unsure at first. There were certain classes like English that always seemed to give me trouble but I started going to the Writing Assistance Center and it made all the difference. I have to give a lot of credit to Mrs. Tracy Jewett. She was so helpful and proactive. I started making A’s. I had never made A’s in English before!” [Read more...]

Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts

Accounting as a Career Choice: The Facts | ECPI UniversityChoosing a career in accounting offers numerous benefits, not only for your professional life, but personal life as well. Accounting can be a very diverse field if you choose to explore the many options it has to offer.

Accounting offers several different employment opportunities. Forensic accounting, business management, auditing, and tax preparation are just a few of the areas that you can pursue. Tax and business accountants work well in fast-paced settings and are highly-skilled. They are extremely organized and are able to work within well-defined parameters. Auditing is also a valuable specialty that can be used in a variety of occupational settings. [Read more...]