ECPI University Supports Veterans

ECPI University Supports VeteransCampus Director of Student Affairs Gloria Hicks was watching the news. She kept seeing stories about veterans returning home only to find no jobs. “All those veterans not knowing what they were going to do, it just bothered me so much,” says Hicks.

She began talking to members of the campus chapter of the Student Veterans of America. Then, she met Connie Inggs, Director of the USO of Raleigh-Durham who suggested a job fair. As discussions progressed, it became clear that a comprehensive approach was needed. The campus team designed an event filled with resources, including workshops for resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, education, stress meditation, and tips for transitioning to civilian life. [Read more...]

Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant: Most Frequently Asked QuestionsIn today’s healthcare field, physical therapy has taken on added importance in the recovery process. Often times, patients are instructed to go through physical therapy in place of – or in lieu of – medicine after an injury. Simply put, physical therapy is one of the most effective and least invasive forms of medicine.

With the impending physician shortage of 130,600 doctors by 2025 (according to the Association of American Medical Colleges), physical therapy assistants are poised to become a vital component of the healthcare process. Here are seven frequently asked questions and answers that can help you understand the dynamics of this developing field. [Read more...]

Career Planning Resources: Recommended Books and eBooks

Career Planning Resources: Recommended Books and eBooks | ECPI UniversityLooking for practical guidance and recommendations on how to find new jobs? Look no further than the ECPI University Libraries’ collection of career-focused books. Professional librarians are ready to assist on a daily basis in the campus library and can be reached from the Internet ‘Ask a Librarian’ web form from the ECPI University Libraries Online web site –

Handbooks help job seekers find jobs in the emerging fields in tech disciplines such as cloud, social technologies, mobile, and analytics. Other titles cover a broad range of fields and occupations of computer science, culinary arts, electronic engineering technology, business, criminal justice, and health sciences. The books are written by top career experts who offer their unique experiences to aid all types of job seekers from undergraduate students and change-of- career students to military students making the transition to the civilian work force. Tips include how to stay employable and managing a career for long-term success. [Read more...]

Some Careers in Electronics Engineering Technology you may Not Have Thought About

Some Careers in Electronics Engineering Technology you may Not Have Thought About | ECPI UniversityIf you enjoy working with computer hardware, medical equipment, and other electronic devices, you’ve probably thought about studying electronics engineering technology. Being an electrical engineering technician is an attractive career in its own right, but its required skills also open the door to a number of related careers. If you study this field, you’ll have a chance to break into the following jobs:

Civil Engineering Technicians:

As a civil engineering technician, you’ll work with civil engineers to design and plan buildings, infrastructure projects, and utilities. You will do most of your work in offices or laboratories, though you may occasionally have to travel to construction sites to oversee plans as they are carried out. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay in this field is $47,500 per year. The number of jobs for civil engineering technicians is not expected to change much in the next ten years. Although employers prefer to hire workers who have studied civil engineering specifically, they are often willing to hire workers with associates degrees in any engineering or engineering technology field. With a degree in electrical engineering technology, you’ll be a competitive applicant for this job. [Read more...]

Top 5 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Smartphone

Top 5 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Smartphone | ECPI UniversityStudents in college are undoubtedly confronted with boatloads of responsibilities relative to their previous high school lives. As a result, the transition is often filled with pitfalls. It’s not only an adjustment period, but what’s expected of you is far greater than the life you used to be accustomed to.

Today, there seems to be an app for every practical purpose in life. This list of apps are designed to make college life easier; so when it comes to college, “There’s an app for that” too! Try these helpful apps, and this is just the tip of the iceberg because there are plenty more where this came from!

[Read more...]