Veterans Administration Expands Program to ECPI University

Vet Success On Campus Counselor Maureen Gibson and ECPI University Director of Military Education Bob Larned

Vet Success On Campus Counselor Maureen Gibson and ECPI University Director of Military Education Bob Larned

ECPI University’s Virginia Beach campus is pleased to welcome Maureen Gibson, Vet Success On Campus Counselor for the Veterans Administration (VA).  The Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced it is expanding the availability of services through the VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) program to an additional 62 locations – bringing the number of VSOC schools across the country to 94.

This expansion triples the number of on-campus VA vocational rehabilitation counselors available to help ease Veterans’ transition to student life and assist them in achieving their educational and career goals through VA’s Post-9/11 GI Bill and other education benefit programs. The counselors maintain close relationships with local VA Vet Centers and VA medical facilities, referring Veterans as needed for counseling or medical services and providing assistance enrolling in and applying for VA benefits. Partner schools provide on-campus office space for the VA counselors.

“We are very excited about having Maureen on board,” says ECPI University Director of Military Education Bob Larned. “She’s a wealth of information and will no doubt be a tremendous asset to our military and veteran students. Being selected to host a VA campus counselor also speaks volumes as to how the Veterans Administration views ECPI University and its commitment to serving service members, past and present.”


ECPI Recognized for Excellence in Military-Friendly Education


For the fourth consecutive year, ECPI University has been recognized by Military Advanced Education in its 2013 Guide to America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Selected schools have met rigorous criteria informed by education service officers from the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

ECPI Student Helps Build Mobile App for Teachers

ECPI University student Brad Nicholson was among a select group of students invited to participate in Dominion Enterprises’ most recent Hackathon, an intense two-day app development competition that assembles teams of software programmers, graphic designers, product developers and students to channel their creative energies into mobile applications aimed at learning.

With support from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and The Learning Registry, the event produced an array of new applications designed for schools and teachers, all of which have been made publicly available to foster ongoing development within the open-source community, DOE, and school systems nationwide. Among the 10 groups of competitors, Brad’s team – The Leftovers – created an app that National Geographic is expecting to put into immediate use as data collection and retrieval tool.

App Camp in Chesapeake, Virginia

Virginian-Pilot Reporter Hattie Brown Garrow came to cover ECPI’s App Camp at the Chesapeake Conference Center today. In conjunction with the Chesapeake Technology Business Consortium and Chesapeake Public Schools, the university is providing instruction during a week-long, intensive course on mobile apps.

Students participating in this free program learn how to build an app, develop solutions for potential problems and create graphics for the interface. Led by ECPI University Associate Dean of Education Technology Gerry White, they will also learn how to make a basic game for mobile devices that is downloadable so they can play it with their friends.

The ultimate goal, however, is to ignite student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by making these subjects fun. “You never know, this sort of experience just might lead a student down a very rewarding career path,” says White. “When you show them the practical applications of something they once considered abstract, it creates a fertile ground for learning.”

Accelerated Scheduling – Applying Sound Educational Principles to Improve Learning and Reduce Completion Time

It’s summer time and throughout the country, most university classrooms are quiet and dark. Students are traveling, working summer jobs and reconnecting with old friends. Such is the pace of the traditional college experience. And while there’s nothing wrong with it, there are those who simply cannot accommodate such a schedule. They may be older, have families or simply want to begin their careers as soon as humanly possible. For them, accelerated scheduling is the answer.

For all the news coverage and marketing associated with accelerated scheduling – predominately practiced by private sector colleges and universities – there are myriad misconceptions. In the case of ECPI University, the message is clear and concise: Zero to Bachelor’s in 2.5 years. Those unfamiliar with accelerated scheduling often assume that the course of study must somehow be abbreviated…nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, the same educational approach that allows students to graduate early also fosters more effective learning and increased graduation rates.

“The days of the ‘sage on the stage’ blowing in the door, delivering a 50-minute lecture on some arcane topic, and blowing out the door are over,” says Dr. Cathy Roberts, ECPI University Director of Institutional Effectiveness. “In my opinion, we offer higher education the way it should be done. Allowing students to apply what they are learning is critical to their retention of the material, and the accelerated course schedule allows us to do that.”
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