ECPI University English Instructor Published First Novel

Students enrolled in English classes at ECPI University in Greensboro, North Carolina, have a special treat under the guidance of Aaron Clark. Aaron, an English instructor, recently published his first book, The Science of Paul. “It feels great to have the book published. It took me three and a half years to write and about a year to find a publisher.”

The main character of the book is Paul Little who is an ex-con living in Philadelphia. Only a few days from being off of probation, Paul befriends a petty criminal and haphazardly falls back into old habits. When the criminal is murdered, it is Paul who is implicated in the crime. His only escape from Philadelphia is a farm in North Carolina left to him by his deceased grandfather.

Aaron lived in North Carolina for a short time as a teen and in Philadelphia while working on his bachelor’s degree. It is through his time in Philadelphia that Aaron laid the foundation for his novel which is set in the same city. The “Paul Little” series is to consist of three novels each set in a different location.

Aaron Clark has been an English instructor with ECPI in Greensboro since April 2010.

Aaron is actively promoting his book with a tour and is enjoying visiting bookstores and engaging with crime fiction fans. Through this experience Aaron encourages his students at ECPI University to “set goals and actively pursue them.” He believes that “you’re only as good as the company you keep so surround yourself with supportive people or people who have achieved what you aspire; you’re more likely to be successful.”