Business Magazine Features ECPI University Teaching Technology


Business magazine Inside Business has just published an article about virtualization and simulation in the classroom and ECPI University’s commitment as early adopters of such technology. In particular, it features the  criminal justice program’s acquisition of the Milo Range Pro v4, an advanced, interactive augmented-reality training system designed to enhance use-of-force and firearms training. Click here to read the full article.

Criminal Justice Students Experience Reality without Danger

Milo Sim

Advanced Firearm Simulator Provides Hands-On Experience to Help Students Learn How to “Make the Right Call”

ECPI University is pleased to announce it has acquired a Milo Range Pro v4, an advanced interactive augmented-reality training system designed to enhance use-of-force and firearms training. Used by law enforcement agencies around the country, it is an important tool for the development of situational assessment skills.

“While it may seem like a shooting simulator, the Milo offers so much more,” says ECPI University Associate Dean of Criminal Justice Ife Alexander-Caines. “It is an excellent tool for the development of communication and critical thinking skills, especially when working as a team.

ECPI University has a long history of providing its students with hands-on learning experiences and this simulator gives them an unprecedented opportunity to prepare themselves for the real world. The practice scenarios will allow students to determine when to utilize verbal conflict management skills and when responses need to be escalated. Students can also practice working as partners when they navigate the various scenarios.”

MCI Goes High-Tech with the Addition of SimMan 3G

The use of technology to improve healthcare initiatives has steadily increased over time, and healthcare education at Medical Careers Institute (MCI, ECPI University’s School of Health Science) is keeping pace. In March MCI in Virginia Beach and Newport News welcomed SimMan 3G, the latest simulation unit from Laerdal Simulation.

SimMan 3G is a completely wireless and self-contained advanced mannequin. Innovative features include:

•     The quality of CPR provides real time feedback on compression rate, depth, release, and hands-off time as well as generating palpable pulses, blood pressure wave forms, and ECG artifacts

•     Degrees of seizures and convulsions can be created from minor effect to a full convulsion

•     Bleeding and wound models can be connected to an internal blood reservoir, which will bleed both from arterial and venous vessels

•     The eye secretions feature has multiple scenario applications such as responsive reactions to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents

•     The Drug Recognition System allows students to administer drugs simultaneously. It registers the amount, speed and type of drug automatically and applies the appropriate physiological responses, saving the instructor time and improving the overall intelligent debrief

“SimMan 3G is to the high-fidelity mannequin world as the smart phone to the wireless phone world,” explains Suzanne Benfield, RN BSN, who runs the simulation lab in Virginia Beach. “There are low-level manikins that the instructor tells it what to do, and then there is SimMan 3G which is automatic.”

One of the best features of SimMan 3G is that the manikin will respond to drug interactions. In addition, when performing CPR, if there is not a tight airway, the lungs will not inflate. “He is the closest to human interaction,” says Suzanne. For the student this means a more realistic environment to learn. Suzanne explains, “students see the consequences of their actions, good or bad. People tend to learn more from mistakes, and the simulation lab is this best place for this to happen.”