How to Become a Sonographer (Ultrasound Tech)

How to Become a Sonographer (Ultrasound Tech) | Medical Careers Institute | Ecpi UniversityFor those who have dreamed of a medical career that is both in high demand and allows them to work in a high-tech environment where they can work with and help people on a daily basis, then a career of an ultrasound technician may be the perfect fit.

What Does A Sonographer Do?

Sonography is the use of sound waves to create a picture of the body that allows for diagnosing conditions. There are many uses for this non-invasive procedure. When people think of ultrasounds, or sonograms, they often think of it as something that is performed in pregnancy. While this is often the case, sonography is also used in a variety of ways to determine the cause of many symptoms in the body. In fact, new innovations continue to propel its use and application. For those who appreciate challenge and have a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives, sonography is a great field to consider. Sonographers often specialize in a particular type of medicine or area of the body, such as: [Read more...]