Helping Vets in the Workforce

Returning Vet

“The Virginia Industry Foundation (VIF) has been awarded a grant from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Rapid Response Assistance Program for Veterans’ Employment to launch its Military2Manufacturing (M2M) program.

VIF, in partnership with the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA), ECPI University, two community colleges, Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Virginia Employment Commission, and numerous workforce investment boards, will implement a comprehensive outreach, training and placement service to connect separating veterans with career opportunities in advanced technology industries, like manufacturing, over the next 18 months as a national demonstration program.

“The M2M program will allow us to better serve veterans and their spouses by connecting them with appropriate training for a career in advanced manufacturing,” says ECPI University Business Development Specialist Paul Dockery. “ECPI prides itself on being a military-friendly school and this is another step toward ensuring that we continue to support our veterans.”

Virginia Values Veteran (V3) has identified 136,000 Army Services Members transitioning in 2011 with more to occur in subsequent years. The current veteran unemployment rate is 12.1% and 29.1% for veterans under the age of 24. “Veterans are a great fit for advanced manufacturing but may not possess the right technical skills for these career opportunities,” says VIF President Brent Vassey. “The M2M program will train veterans on core manufacturing technology competencies so that they have the foundational skills to pursue career pathways leading to employment in the manufacturing sector.”