ECPI University Graduate Builds Business in Growing Healthcare Niche

ECPI University Graduate Builds Business in Growing Healthcare NicheNeed a gently-used defibrillator? How about an ultra-reasonable price on an ultrasound machine? Well, then John Taylor is your man. This 1996, ECPI University graduate is the owner of Medical Equipment Sales of Virginia. It’s a company that seems to be perfectly positioned to serve a cost-conscious healthcare industry.

While the company does provide new equipment, it’s built on refurbishing used medical machines and devices. Though, by the time it’s done with them, they operate like new. From CT scanners to EKG machines to hospital beds – John’s company can provide just about anything a hospital, clinic, surgery center or doctors’ office could possibly need. All equipment comes with warranties and John’s highly-skilled technicians provide 24-hour maintenance. [Read more...]

What Will Mechatronics (robotics engineering) Look Like in 5 Years?

What Will Mechatronics (robotics engineering) Look Like in 5 Years? | ECPI UniversityMechatronics is an exciting career that blends three different disciplines into one exciting profession: electronic, mechanical, and computer engineering. When most people think of mechatronics, they think of robots on automobile assembly lines, but it goes much deeper than that. For example, Ohlins Racing is using  mechatronics to improve the performance of motorcycle suspension systems. Leveraging technology initially developed for the racing world, they’re able to scale it to accommodate a much broader market.

When it comes to advanced manufacturing, mechatronics eliminates some human interaction in the process, lowering production costs. It also makes the process more efficient and less error-prone. All of these factors are very attractive to most management teams and virtually guarantee that they will invest in this technology more heavily in the coming years. [Read more...]

3 Organizations Preparing Students for Manufacturing Careers

3 Organizations Preparing Students for Manufacturing Careers | ECPI UniversityIn a world inundated with products and services, it can be easy for most people to forget the huge, underlying engine that drives it all: manufacturing. No matter what the economy is projected to look like in the future, manufacturing will always be relevant – barring, of course, total economic collapse. Manufacturing is the seed of high technology, and it is advancing at an astonishing pace.

As technology fuels America’s return as a leading manufacturer, it is creating a steady supply of highly-skilled jobs for people who can program, maintain, and troubleshoot automated machinery and robotic devices. However, the demand is far outpacing the supply, creating a major skills gap. [Read more...]

What Manufacturing Careers Really Look Like Today – Infographic

What Manufacturing Careers Today Look Like | ECPI UniversityAsk most any student what careers they might be considering and it’s unlikely they will list manufacturing. For the most part, other careers are promoted much more vigorously toward those who are well-versed in the science, technology, math and engineering.

Manufacturing is the engine that drives over 17 million jobs in the United States alone – and that number is growing.

However, there isn’t a single field that completely encompasses these related subjects better than manufacturing, which is the sole industry that feeds all other product and service-oriented industries across the United States and the world. [Read more...]

The Evolution of Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) | ECPI UniversityWhen it comes to the electronics engineering field, it’s brave new world – and it’s one filled with opportunity. Gone are the days when you needed 5-6 years of school to compete for good jobs. Why? It’s not because the skills are any less demanding. No, it’s because select educational institutions have optimized the tutorial efficiency of the subjects being taught. [Read more...]