RN to BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Medical Careers Institute
March 17, 2014

Program Objectives and Curriculum

Degree Objectives

Program Purpose

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN to BSN) will provide a smooth transition for Registered Nurses furthering their education and careers. Advanced standing credits may be awarded for past nursing course work. The program is delivered full-time over 45-weeks in an online format, with one required campus meeting.

Program objectives include:

Nurses who study for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN to BSN) learn leadership and management concepts that prepare them to manage nursing operations in many kinds of healthcare facilities. They learn to use advanced technologies and techniques to provide care to patients and their families, and they contribute to the nursing profession by mentoring other nurses. Students learn to share their knowledge and skills in educational roles. They learn current, advanced nursing techniques, and they develop an advanced understanding of human anatomy and pathophysiology.

The RN to BSN program builds on the fundamental knowledge and skills acquired in associate degree and diploma nursing programs. The BSN graduate is prepared to care for individuals as well as families, groups and communities The BSN graduate will be prepared to serve in the roles of healthcare leader, care manager, community collaborator, and contributor to the profession of nursing. Students are also prepared to continue their nursing studies at a graduate level upon successful completion of the program.

Program Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Admissions test with passing score – RN to BSN Applicants are Exempt from this

Other Requirements:

The Nursing program requires applicants to have an associate degree or diploma in nursing from a state board of nursing approved registered nurse program. All applicants must hold a valid, unencumbered license to practice registered professional nursing in their state of residence, and have a 2.5 GPA or better in the past nursing program. Students who do not meet the 2.5 GPA requirement may apply for admission to the Nursing program on a provisional status. Upon successful completion of the first semester of the nursing curriculum, a student may apply for a change of status from provisional admission to the full admission.