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CD-ROM Courses

All required courses for all degrees offered by ECPI through the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership are available via the internet. Additionally, the following degree program courses are available via CD-ROM format as indicated:

Degree Program

AS Computer and Information Science Major: Management Information Systems – Concentration: Networking and Security Management

Dept Course Number of Specific Course

  • CIS102 Fundamentals of Customer Service
  • CIS106 Intro to Operating Systems
  • CIS121 Logic Design
  • CIS150 Intro to Networking
  • CIS151 Networking II
  • CIS202 Introduction to Routing and Switching
  • CIS204 Intermediate Routing and Switching
  • CIS245 Windows Client and Server
  • CIS251 Advanced Windows Server
  • CIS301 Unix Administration
  • CIS282 Web Interface Design