Principles of Excellence

President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13607 on Friday, April 27, 2012 creating the Principles of Excellence which are designed to help Veterans and their families make informed choices when using one of the most valuable benefits of military service: the educational opportunities offered by the GI Bill. ECPI University is committed to providing this information necessary for Veterans and their dependents to make the best decisions regarding their educational future.

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

Prospective students who are service members, Veterans, or family members and who will receive Federal funds under the military and veteran’s educational benefits programs will receive estimated financial aid offer information in a personalized and standardized form called the “Financial Aid Shopping Sheet”. The information will describe:

  1. The cost of your educational program;
  2. The amount of that cost that may be covered by available Federal education benefits and financial aid based on the information we have available at the time it is issued.

This information is subject to changes as additional information is provided and as Federal regulations may apply.

Financial Assistance Information

There are many financial aid options available with ECPI University to assist you with your educational future. ECPI University’s Financial Assistance Information and our Online Financial Aid Office provide you information on the availability of, and your potential eligibility for Federal, State and Private financial aid, scholarships, and other sources of aid that may be available.

Readmission of Service Members

ECPI University complies with readmission requirements for service members set forth in the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) section 487 and its implementing regulations (34 CFR § 668.18).

ECPI University will promptly readmit service members to the same program with the same academic status after an interruption in their program due to a call to active duty. The cumulative length of all absences for military service may not exceed five years.

Students who are service members who are called to active duty must provide ECPI University with either oral or written notification of (1) the military service and (2) the intent to return to school following the active duty service.

Students who are called to active duty must return to school under one of the following:

  • within three years after the completion of the period of service
  • within two years of the needed recovery period if hospitalized or convalescing due to an illness or injury incurred or aggravated during the performance of service

Students must provide documentation such as, but not limited to the following: DD214, duty orders indicating completion of service, a letter from commanding officer or other authority, certificate of completion from military training school, discharge certificate with character of service, payroll documents showing periods of service, or letter from National Disaster Medical System Team Leader/Administrative Officer verifying dates and time of NDMS training or Federal activation. Other documents may be considered on a case by case basis.

Service members readmitted to ECPI University under this procedure will be assessed tuition and fees at the rate of their last attendance or prior offer of admission for one (1) calendar year if they are pursuing the same degree. After the one calendar year, they are assessed the tuition and fee rates in effect at that time.

Degree Requirements

ECPI University provides all service members, veterans, and their family members the degree requirements necessary to graduate from your program in a timely manner.

Details to assist you in this process include:

  1. The total number of credits needed for graduation.
  2. General Education, Required, and Elective courses within each program.
  3. Any other additional academic requirements Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and program specific requirements.

Education Plan

At ECPI University we also provide all students access to a dynamic individualized educational plan available on demand through our student portal. This personalized “Degree Progress Audit” details your progress toward completion of your degree requirements based on your enrollment. Information includes:

  1. Program Details-including information about your enrollment, GPA, Satisfactory Academic Progress status, Credits earned, scheduled, and required;
  2. Student Academic Progress-A graphical representation of your progress towards completing your program requirements; and
  3. Individual Course information and requirements.

Evaluated Educational Plan

In addition, ECPI University will provide to service members, veterans, and their family members who have previous coursework from other accredited institutions and relevant military training and experiential learning an evaluated education plan that indicates:

  1. How many, if any, transfer credits we intend to award and
  2. How these transfer credits will be applied toward your educational program.

This evaluated educational plan will be provided within 60 days after your degree program selection and all official transcripts have been received.

Advising Point of Contact

Service members, veterans, and their family members seeking support services may acquire information from our qualified staff members. ECPI University provides these points of contact:

  1. Academic Counseling-Director of Education
  2. Financial Aid Counseling-Financial Aid Advisor
  3. VA and TA Benefit Counseling-VA Coordinator or Financial Aid Advisor
  4. Student Support Service Counseling- Director of Academic Affairs