SOC2/SOC4 Contract to Degree Program

SOC2/SOC4 Contract to Degree Program

As a member of SOC, ECPI can apply transfer credits from other SOC Network two and four institutions toward the completion of selected Degree Programs.

This contract means that applicable credits earned away from ECPI, as a result of Military duty assignments, may be transferred back to ECPI and applied toward Degree completion.

Getting Started
Upon Applying for Admission to an ECPI Degree program, indicate that you would like to be enrolled as a SOC Student.
ECPI Admissions will then assist you in obtaining the appropriate service history information, which documents your formal service related training and military advancement information.
After being accepted for admission, you may begin your Degree program and be given conditional approval as a SOC Student.  Upon completing 6 Semester Hour with ECPI listed as your home college a SOC Student Agreement will be issued.  The SOC Student Agreement is an official evaluation of the student’s prior learning provided by the student’s home college.

ECPI University is a SOC2/SOC4 partner for SOCNAV, SOCAD and SOCMAR


  • Computer Studies – Army, Navy
  • AS, Computer & Information Science, Network Security
  • Electronics Technology – Navy, Marines
  • AS, Electronics Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology


  • Criminal Justice – Navy
  • BS, Criminal Justice
  • Electronics Technology – Navy, Marines
  • BS, Electronics Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology

Home College
Upon completing the residency requirement, ECPI will become your home college. As long as the mutually agreed upon program is successfully completed, you will be guaranteed degree award.

The benefits for eligible personnel under the SOC Contract for Degree Program include:

  • College Credit for Active Duty Service experience to include formal military technical schools.
  • Recognizes and awards credit for service Apprentice, Journeyman, and Masters Training Continuum.
  • Allows faster Degree program completion.
  • Permits more effective utilization of Tuition Assistance, Veterans Administrations, and other financial Aid.
  • Tuition Credit allowed for accepted experience/training.
  • Ideal for Personnel Transitioning to the Private Sector.
  • Some family members eligible.


Ask your Military College Office representative or local command Educational Services Officer for details, or call us at 866-660-8996. Find out how you can benefit from this important program.