ECPI University Press Releases (October 2007)

Culinary Institute of Virginia’s Casual Gourmet Classes

Make Professional Instruction Available to the Home Cook

NORFOLK, Va. - (October 10, 2007) - Culinary Institute of Virginia, the School of Culinary Arts at ECPI College of Technology, is celebrating one year of culinary excellence in Norfolk. The school’s hands-on approach to culinary education has drawn over 200 students to the 18 month associate degree program.

Starting in October, in addition to the degree program, Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV) will offer a Casual Gourmet cooking series. These individual classes are designed for the home cook who wants to improve skills and learn new techniques in a variety of areas. Students of the Casual Gourmet classes are taught in real kitchens with the same “learn by doing” philosophy that guides all CIV programs.

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