ECPI University Press Releases (December 2011)

ECPI University Career Fair Showcases Top IT Talent

University Still Accepting Applications for Employer Displays

North Charleston, SC – ECPI University is inviting employers in IT Networking and Security, Electronics Engineering Technology, Practical Nursing and Medical Assisting to a career fair to be held on Wednesday, January 18 from 11:30 a.m. to

1 p.m. at its campus, located at 7410 Northside Drive.  Graduates, near-grads and students will be in attendance to network, offer resumes and demonstrate their expertise to prospective employers.

“This career fair offers a great opportunity for Charleston businesses to connect with our highly-talented students,” says Kristie Cumbee, Director of Career Services. For many employers, ECPI has become their ‘go-to’ source when they are ready to hire. They know our graduates have the knowledge and hands-on experience that comes from our industry-driven curriculum developed through ongoing employer feedback.”

ECPI University provides a student-centered learning environment that promotes the enhancement of each student’s professional and personal life through education.

The ECPI University Campus Career Fair is free, but space is limited. To reserve a booth, please contact Kristie Cumbee at (843) 414-0350 before December 30.


Menu Hall of Fame a Historic Treat and Educational Inspiration for Students

Norfolk, VA - Beluga caviar with lobster thermidor served on Rosenthal bone china; just a sampling from the first class menu on Pan Am's inaugural transatlantic jet flights in 1959. That's just one of the many historic documents that hang in the Culinary Institute of Virginia's (CIV) Menu Hall of Fame. Also included is the menu from The French Laundry restaurant with Chef Thomas Keller's signature. Not far down the corridor is a Spago menu courtesy of Wolfgang Puck, along with the carte de jour from Craft restaurant with best wishes from Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame, and then there's the menu from Les Set Portes restaurant in Barcelona, which has been in operation for 175 years.

"It's amazing to read these menus created by some of the best chefs at the best eating establishments in the world," says Brittany Bowen, earning an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts from ECPI University's Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV). "I think, wow, that could be me one day. The Hall of Fame is a motivator for us. The menu I find the most exciting is from the French Laundry. Thomas Keller is just a phenomenal chef."

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University Faculty Member Helps Students Stretch Budgets with Couponing

Virginia Beach, Va. - Buy one, get one free, double coupon, product cycles…the language and techniques of couponing are as familiar to Melissa West as the English skills she teaches in her composition classes at ECPI University’s Medical Careers Institute (MCI) in Newport News.  Her passion for helping MCI’s students achieve their goals led her to establish a school coupon club and a Facebook page aimed at making their budgets go farther.  The club, which meets every Tuesday, also has a Facebook page filled with money-saving tips:

“Eighty percent of the students in our courses here at MCI are women and most of them do the shopping for their households,” said West.  “Many have children.  The goal of the club and the Facebook information is to show them how to use coupons to stretch their dollars as much as possible.”

The techniques West teaches are realistic and manageable for her students’ busy, on-the-go schedules, rather than what’s known as extreme couponing.  Even so, students have learned how to save up to 50-percent on their monthly grocery bills. Among West’s insights:

  • Grocery items usually go on sale every three to four months, so in taking advantage of special offers, stockpile enough for sixteen weeks of use.
  • If you like a certain brand but can’t find coupons for its products, write to the manufacturer to ask for them. Companies see coupons as a way to build a relationship with customers, so they will probably respond.
  • Coupons can make healthy eating more affordable.  Shoppers do not realize that coupons are often available for fresh meat, soy milk, and other nutritious foods.
  • You don’t need to clip coupons to keep them organized.  West saves newspaper inserts whole. She visits internet databases that list all available coupons by date and finds them in the inserts when she wants to use them.

The coupon club and Facebook page stemmed from a conversation at the end of one of West’s English composition classes.   “We were discussing where the students wanted to go in their lives,” West said. “A grocery store insert happened to be lying on a table in the classroom.  It was a Wednesday and we started talking about needing to get to that store because it was the only day of the week it doubled one-dollar coupons.  It related to what we were discussing because handling one’s budget is so important to the future.”  As the conversation evolved, West realized that besides helping her students with the writing techniques they needed for professional success, she could assist them in better managing their household finances through couponing techniques.

West honed her coupon skills as one of five children in a military family; her mother relied on couponing to make the household budget go as far as possible.  Now herself the mom of a 14-month-old, West uses coupons to purchase diapers for as little as a dollar a package and to acquire items to contribute to the local foodbank. “It’s important to me to share what I’ve learned about couponing to help others, especially now when saving every dollar matters even more than ever,” she said.