ECPI University Press Releases: Richmond/Moorefield Campus

World’s Most “Life-Like” Synthetic Human Arrives at Richmond/Moorefield Campus

Simulator is the First of its Kind in Richmond

Richmond, VA – It’s the world’s most life-like synthetic cadaver; and it will be the only one of its kind used by college students in the Richmond area. It’s called a Syndaver and it will arrive at the Richmond/Moorefield campus of ECPI University’s Medical Careers Institute (MCI), on Friday, February 28 at 12:15 p.m.

“We are proud to join some of the world’s leading universities and healthcare organizations in providing our students with a tool that can help them enhance their skill level,” says MCI Surgical Technology Program Director Charles Hughes.

Manufactured by SynDaver Labs, this advanced simulation mannequin features a complete representation of typical human anatomy, including every bone, muscle, and organ, skin with fat and fascia planes, a functioning respiratory system, and a full digestive tract and circulatory system.

“Having a Syndaver on campus will give our students a true-to-life training that is second to none,” says Hughes. “With no other educator providing this level of realism in Richmond, our students will have an unprecedented opportunity to prepare themselves before they step into the clinical settings of their chosen fields.”

As a teaching tool, it can be used for a variety of purposes including training in basic suturing skills, microvascular anastomosis, central line placement, chest tube placement, breast surgery, liposuction, oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy, coronary angioplasty and stenting, and a wide variety of other surgical procedures.

Medical Career Institute’s Richmond/Moorefield Campus is located at 800 Moorefield Park Drive in Richmond. Journalists interested in observing a demonstration can contact ECPI University Director of Communications David Brandt at 757.213.3613 or


Richmond/Moorefield Campus Expands Computer Science Programs to Include Healthcare IT and Cloud Computing – Growth in Both Fields Projected to Grow by 30%

Richmond, VAECPI University’s Richmond/Moorefield campus is expanding its Computer and Information Science programs to include concentrations in Healthcare IT and Cloud Computing.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a concentration in Healthcare Information Technology is designed to prepare graduates to:

  • Develop Networks in the Windows and CISCO Environments
  • Design and Implement Patient Information Security Plans
  • Provide IT Support to Physicians and Nurses

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of network and computer systems administrators is expected to grow 28% from 2010 to 2020, and database administrators by 31%, faster than the average for all occupations.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a concentration in Cloud Computing is designed to prepare graduates to:

  • Design and Secure Fault Tolerant Enterprise Networks
  • Create Virtual Solutions for Servers
  • Implement and Manage Virtual Servers and Data Centers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of network and computer systems administrators is expected to grow 28 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations, with demand remaining high as firms invest in newer, faster technology and mobile networks.


Massage Therapy Students Receive Professional Sports Massage Experience from the Washington Redskins

Richmond, Va. – ECPI University’s School of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute (MCI), teamed up with the Washington Redskins to invite students to provide massage therapy to players throughout the team’s three week training camp in Richmond, Va.

“This opportunity provides real-life sports massage scenarios that many students want to explore,” MCI Massage Therapy Program Director Edward Simpson said. “Professional athletes are physically very different. Their muscles can be very well defined and tend to be larger. Students have the opportunity to make connections between their work and the body parts they are trying to address visually and kinesthetically.”

MCI students are working side-by-side with Redskins athletic trainers, physical therapist, and doctors to provide the highest quality of massage therapy to the entire team.

“We are honored MCI students are offering massage therapy to our athletes,” said Redskins Head Athletic Trainer, Larry Hess. “We are thrilled to assist students in achieving their professional goals by providing them a unique learning experience and the ability to work directly with our players.”

MCI’s educational program, as well as the partnership with the Redskins and the team’s top-notch medical staff, is designed specifically to facilitate professional growth and hands-on experience for their students.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said MCI student Candace Donald. “To work on world-class athletes with the kind of muscle mass and definition these players possess offers us an incredible learning opportunity.”