ECPI University Press Releases: Virginia Beach, VA

EXPO to Reveal the “Truth” About Manufacturing Jobs

Dozens of Manufacturers to Give Young People/Job Switchers a Clear Look at Today’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry Jobs – Clean, High-Tech, Well-Paid 

Virginia Beach, VAECPI University – in conjunction with a host of leading manufacturing companies and associations – is hosting Manufacturing Day Expo on Friday October 3. Free and open to the public, it will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at ECPI University’s Virginia Beach campus, located at 5555 Greenwich Road in Virginia Beach.

The purpose of the event: to demonstrate how American manufacturing has evolved into a highly-technical and attractive career path.  “It’s nothing like it used to be,” says ECPI University Virginia Beach Campus President Kevin Paveglio. “People who work in manufacturing operate in a more automated and rewarding environment. They use technical skills to trouble shoot, set-up and program components like robots, automated systems and computers…and they experience very competitive compensation and benefits. The best part: According to a recent study by Deloitte Touche, there are an estimated 600,000 technical jobs waiting to be filled just in the US…and that number is growing.”

Yet, this message has failed to reach a large sector of American job seekers.  “Young people continue to believe in the old paradigm,” says Paveglio who spent 27 years in the advanced manufacturing sector. “They still think it’s a dead end career that is labor intensive, dirty, dark and dingy with no career path. If they see and understand what modern manufacturing really looks like today, it will no doubt cause them to take a second look at these significant career opportunities.”

Many major manufacturing companies – including Mitsubishi Chemical, Texas Instruments and Anheuser Busch – will be on hand to exhibit robots, automated devices, replicators, and game-changing technology.  Interactive student workshops will include:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Solid 3D Modeling
  • Pneumatic Control
  • Data Communications

Workshops are open to local high school students, but do require advanced registration and space is limited. Interested students can register by emailing Frank Gomez at

Representatives from the Virginia Manufacturing Association will also be on hand along with industry representatives to explain how to gain skills through certifications and degrees in order to qualify for the many available jobs.  Says Kevin Paveglio, “people who like working with their hands using mechanical, electrical and or computer driven systems are going to come to this EXPO and walk away absolutely amazed by a career they never knew existed.”

For more information or to register, please visit To arrange an interview or coordinate media coverage, please contact ECPI University Director of Communications David Brandt at 757.213.3613 or



Virginia Beach High School Cadets Get Dose of Reality Using ECPI University’s Augmented Reality Simulator

Training Device Helps Students Learn How to “Make the Right Call”

Virginia Beach, VA – Students participating in the Virginia Beach Police Department’s Cadet Challenge will visit ECPI University on Wednesday, June 8 from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. to interact with the University’s newly-acquired Milo Range Pro v4. The simulator is an advanced interactive augmented-reality training system designed to enhance use-of-force and firearms training.

Used by law enforcement agencies around the country, it is an important tool for students to use in the development of their situational assessment skills. “While it may seem like a shooting simulator, the Milo offers so much more,” says ECPI University Associate Dean of Criminal Justice Ife Alexander-Caines. “It is an excellent tool for the development of communication and critical thinking skills, especially when working as a team.

“ECPI University has a long history of providing its students with hands-on learning experiences and this simulator gives them an unprecedented opportunity to prepare themselves for the real world. The practice scenarios will allow students to determine when to utilize verbal conflict management skills and when responses need to be escalated. Students can also practice working as partners when they navigate the various scenarios.”

ECPI University is located at the Virginia Beach campus, located at 5555 Greenwich Road. To view a video that demonstrates the Milo Range system in use, please click on this link. For more information or to coordinate media coverage, please contact ECPI University Director of Communications David Brandt at 757.213.3613 or


Thomas Cevora: A Portrait in Perseverance

2014 Graduate with MS Serves as an Example to All

Virginia Beach, VA – Thomas Cevora has always been a man of action. An Army veteran, he went to work on tug boats after leaving the service. From there, he moved to rail cars. Fourteen years ago, a clock started ticking and he knew at some point that a physically active life would no longer be his to enjoy. Thomas has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). That fateful day he long feared arrived three years ago. “When I resigned from the railroad, I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” says Thomas. “Everybody said I should go on disability but that just wasn’t for me. I have to be doing something.”

Using Vocational Rehabilitation through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Thomas decided to go back to school. Despite being hospitalized on a couple of occasions, he persevered. Now, he’s preparing to graduate this Saturday, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a concentration in Web Development. “I discovered a great deal about myself these past three years,” says Thomas. “First, I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. Sure, I need a cane and, sometimes, a wheelchair, but I have developed mental strength. Second, I have an even stronger wife! She would never let me give up. We came close to losing everything. We barely held onto our house, but we always held on to each other.”

While Thomas is excited to move on, he admits he’s a bit nervous. In addition to graduating, he and his wife are planning to move to a cooler climate up north because heat aggravates his MS. “ECPI University has been like a second home to me. The faculty has been so great, especially Ms. Lanae Harris. She has been an inspiration. Whenever I needed a boost, she was always there with a ‘you can do it!’ And the best thing is: I did do it. I’ve applied for a graduate program with Microsoft. I’ve got my own web design business up and running which is a great source of pride. Each time I finish a website, I know that anyone in the world can type in that web address and see what I built.”

Graduation will be held on Saturday, May 31 at Chrysler Hall, located at 215 St. Pauls Boulevard in Norfolk, Virginia beginning at 5:00 pm. More than 400 graduates are expected to participate in the ceremony. For more information, please contact ECPI University Director of Communications David Brandt at or 757.404.2032.