ECPI University Press Releases: Virginia Beach, VA

50-Something to Graduate and Address Commencement at ECPI University

Gulf War Veteran to Speak on Second Chances, Opportunity and Finding Inspiration

“Life is all about second chances, sometimes third; the most important thing to remember is to take full advantage of every opportunity that is given to you.”

William “Burt” Evans Jr. will deliver this advice as part of his address to fellow students - many half his age - at ECPI University’s graduation at Chrysler Hall at 5 p.m.  Saturday, June 22. Evans should know.

After graduating high school in 1980, he attended college for a couple of years, but decided to join the Navy to serve his country. He spent four years as a radioman in the Gulf War, taking college courses when he could. After his first tour, he returned to civilian life and worked as an office supply company sales representative before missing the service and rejoining the Navy. His second tour ended abruptly when his wife passed away, leaving him with their two young children.

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Mobile Apps Workshop to Help Students Learn Technology from Ground Up

Program Will Guide Students in Basics to Latest Innovations 

Helping students learn and use mobile apps in their studies and everyday lives will be the focus of an upcoming summer workshop. What mobile apps are, where the technology is headed and how to design and develop from conception to publishing are the focal points of the free-to-students program. Participants also will be schooled in Mobile Game Design, the latest technology associated with mobile apps, along with new developments in augmented reality and wearable computing.

ECPI University in association with the City of Chesapeake and the Chesapeake Technology Business Consortium (CTBC) will hold the Mobile Apps workshop for 34 Chesapeake Public Schools middle and high school students from 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. on June 24-27th at Chesapeake Central Public Library at 298 Cedar Road. The media is welcome to attend.

Gerry White, Associate Dean of Academic Technology and Department Head of Arts & Sciences at ECPI University and licensed Apple developer, is the instructor of the Mobile Apps workshop. The school will provide students with MacBook Airs - small, thin laptops with enough memory and processing speed to handle the graphics and app development environments.

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Augmented Reality Allows Students to See Beyond the Walls

New Pilot Program Launches this Weekend at Career Discovery Day

Instead of thumbing through college catalogues or spending hours in front of a desktop, imagine simply pointing a wireless mobile device to watch live streams from classes, student testimonials and information on degrees, costs, career opportunities and much more. The information can be sent to nearly anyone anywhere. The new technology is designed to help make the process of researching higher learning a lot faster and much more thorough.

ECPI Ware is an integrated technology assembled by Gerry White, ECPI University’s Associate Dean, Academic Technology, Department Head of Arts & Sciences and a licensed Apple developer. ECPI Ware will be unveiled and piloted at Career Discovery Day from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, April 20 at ECPI University in Virginia Beach.

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