The Benefits of Online Learning

  • Employers look very favorably upon students who successfully complete online courses.
    • It shows you are self-disciplined and able to meet deadlines.
    • It shows you are adept at communicating electronically.
    • Many companies now conduct their corporate training online.
  • An online course is more flexible than a traditional course. Students can choose when and where to complete the course so they can also meet work or family commitments. An online course can be accessed from any computer with Internet access at any time.
  • Students do not have to travel to attend class.
  • Students in distance or large lecture classes feel they have better communication with their instructor and other students when e-mail, discussions, or chat groups are available online.
  • Online courses provide convenient access to information and resources through the Internet. Students who don’t like to speak up in class can take more time to respond to questions in online class discussions.

Skills Needed for Successful Online Learning

  • Online students should have experience and/or training using a computer and the Internet. (This includes effectively using the keyboard & mouse and being familiar with URL’s, web addresses, hyperlinks & search engines.)
  • Online students should have experience and/or training using email. (This includes receiving, replying, and forwarding messages, attaching files, and viewing attachments. It also includes understanding proper format and etiquette for corresponding with those within the college and beyond.)
  • Students should have experience and/or training using Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc).
  • Most communication in an online course is text-based. Online students need good writing and typing skills and should feel comfortable reading large amounts of text on their monitors.
  • An online course requires the same amount of discipline that an on-campus course requires so it is important to set a certain amount of time aside each week to work on your online course. It is also important that your family and friends respect the time you’ve set aside to study.
  • Student must have good time management skills and be able to study independently.
  • Students need to be comfortable in dealing with technical difficulties with their computers should they arise and be able to resolve them individually or be able to communicate difficulties to technical support via phone or email.