Augmented Reality Allows Students to See Beyond the Walls

New Pilot Program Launches this Weekend at Career Discovery Day

Instead of thumbing through college catalogues or spending hours in front of a desktop, imagine simply pointing a wireless mobile device to watch live streams from classes, student testimonials and information on degrees, costs, career opportunities and much more. The information can be sent to nearly anyone anywhere. The new technology is designed to help make the process of researching higher learning a lot faster and much more thorough.

ECPI Ware is an integrated technology assembled by Gerry White, ECPI University’s Associate Dean, Academic Technology, Department Head of Arts & Sciences and a licensed Apple developer. ECPI Ware will be unveiled and piloted at Career Discovery Day from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, April 20 at ECPI University in Virginia Beach.

“ECPI Ware not only has endless applications for education, but for business as well,” White says. “You’re interacting with content, almost like gaming. We’ll also soon be augmenting laboratory equipment and machines, where you’ll be able to see and identify the inner workings and components right from your mobile device. The space in between people and content is soon going to disappear.”

ECPI Ware Points of Interest receptors (POI) are stationed throughout the university’s Virginia Beach campus. Students and prospective students can point Apple or Android phones and tablets to explore educational and career interests, including the university’s degrees, diplomas and courses in the fields of technology, business, criminal justice, healthcare or the culinary arts. POI’s can be downloaded or photographed and emailed to anyone who has a Layer technology app. They will also soon show 3-D content and interactive and immersive guided tours. White says he now has ECPI Ware and POIs for several of the school’s departments and plans to expand the technology in the coming weeks.

“The student will receive a completely immersive experience and get an advanced new tool for matching their interests and skills to a degree and career,” White says.

For more information or to set up an interview/demonstration of ECPI Ware, contact Scott McCaskey at 757-625-2518 or at: