ECPI University Announces New Bachelor of Science Degree

Electronics Engineering Technology with Concentration in Mechatronics

Designed to Fill Skills Gap Challenging Manufacturing Industry

Greenville, SCECPI University is pleased to announce it is now offering a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology with a Concentration in Mechatronics, a field that focuses upon the real-world application of engineering principles in automated manufacturing and robotics.

“Every time I attend an event with manufacturers in the Upstate, I hear that there are not enough skilled workers to fill the demand they expect in the coming years, especially in the auto manufacturing industry,” says Amy Hickman, Campus President.

Engineering technologists are usually the link between engineers and technicians. They work with engineers from the conception phase of a product to final production, and assist in the design, development, testing, and production of electrical-electronic- mechanical equipment and components. Courses will provide hands-on study of applied mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation systems, programmable controllers, microcontrollers and more.

Mechatronics graduates are typically employed as:

  • Electrical/Computer Engineering Technologists
  • Project Managers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Computer Engineering Technicians
  • Product Engineers
  • Industrial Technicians
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Electronic Engineering Technicians

For more information, please contact ECPI Greenville Campus President Amy Hickman at 864.288.2828 or Director of Communications David Brandt at 757.213.3613 or