ECPI University Offers Relief for Military Tuition Assistance Impacted by Government Shutdown

Payments Deferred for Remainder of Year, Pending Resolution

Virginia Beach, VA – Due to the Federal Government’s shutdown and the resulting uncertainty in regards to military education funding, ECPI University has taken steps to alleviate concerns among military members dependent on tuition assistance (TA). For all existing students that have approved TA requests, ECPI will forgo payment for the remaining terms of 2013.

As for the GI Bill, there have been statements in the news that Veteran's Administration educational benefits may be impacted due to the government shutdown. At this time, however, it appears that GI Bill benefits continue to be processed, and it is expected that should continue for the upcoming term beginning in November.

If ECPI University learns of any situation where these benefits would be altered or suspended, the approved Veteran should complete the current term, and if benefits are not made available for that term due to the shutdown, ECPI will forgive the amount of tuition due and attributable to that term. If benefits would continue to be interrupted beyond one term, the situation will be addressed as it develops.

“We greatly value the service of military students and their contributions to our school and the nation,” says ECPI University Executive Director of Military Education Robert Larned. “We hope this gives them some peace of mind and allows them to stay focused on their studies.”