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Job Fairs

Each ECPI University Campus hosts 2 major career fair events each year, typically in the spring and fall. These are great opportunities for not only graduates looking for full-time employment, but students looking to gain experience networking and to gain industry contacts. You can view all ECPI University Career Fair events by clicking the following link: ECPI Events

Job Search

The Career Services department is here to assist with your career development and overall program-related job search. Topics such as resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation, job search techniques and professionalism will be covered by your career services rep. We also have our own directory of 50+ videos (and reference guides) to help you with career development relative to the topics we cover. You can access that directory by clicking here: Career Spots Videos


Externships provide real-world experience combined with an educational environment. Some programs require them to graduate from the program; where it’s not required, your career services advisor assist you with finding an externship. These are essential for your marketability in the work force in addition to great networking opportunities with the potential for landing a full-time position as a result. Your career services advisor will sit down with you in advance of required externship to review the process and go over potential sites/positions.

Work Study

ECPI University offers this need-based program which provides job opportunities for qualifying students, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Positions are offered on-campus within various departments, as well as off-campus with various nonprofit and partner organizations. More information can be obtained from the Financial Aid office or by speaking with your career services department.


The Career Services department will schedule and host career development workshops throughout the year. Employers are often invited to these events, offering their own perspective on various topics to supplement on-campus resources. Stay in touch with your career services department to learn more about future events.


All graduates of ECPI University are members of the ECPI family and continue to enjoy the benefits offered by the University’s Career Services Department. At any point, no matter how long it’s been since graduation, all alumni can receive one-on-one assistance. Whether it’s determining what certifications are required for a promotion, prepping for an interview, or seeking new opportunities, ECPI University is here to help free of charge.

Graduates Services include:

  • ECPI University’s own Alumni Community:
  • Ongoing Career Services support with your employment search
  • Access to Career Development Videos: CLICK HERE
  • Annual Career Fair events:
  • Access to field-related certifications (with discounted rates): CLICK HERE
  • Alumni access to available University Library Services at any campus

Contact your Career Service Advisor at your campus for:

  • In-depth resource guides to assist with your professional development
  • On-campus recruiting sessions and networking opportunities

University Library Services for Alumni include:

  • Alumni access to available University Library Services at any campus
  • Alumni agreement form available to allow borrowing privileges
  • Computer lab and equipment (printer, photocopier, scanner) access with proof of identification and Help Desk provided guest login
  • Reference assistance from professional librarians
  • Certification test prep study guides
  • Career resources, such as job hunting and resume writing books
  • Many locations provide a PearsonVUE Test Center (in the Library)
  • Free Wi-Fi access

Helpful Resources

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