Online Payments - ECPI University Student Tuition Payments

If you are a student enrolled at ECPI University and you would like to make a tuition payment, please make your payment through the Student Portal so your payment can be properly credited to your Student Account.

Students making tuition payments click here Parents or others making tuition payments click here

Online Payments - ECPI University General Payments

General Payments to ECPI University Anyone may use the general payment feature on this page to make payments to ECPI University for Loans, Certification Tests, Graduation Fees and similar expenses. If you are making a payment for an ECPI University Student (even if you are NOT the student) be prepared to provide the Student's Name, Student ID, and/or the last 4 digits of the Student's Social Security number when you are prompted for the information. Payments should be made to the ECPI University location where the Student attends class or to the location providing the service. If you are unsure, select College of Technology/Virginia Beach location.

General Payments