ECPI Faculty

ECPI faculty are qualified with years of experience in related fields of specialization, academic achievement, and professional development.

Tutoring and Advising

Faculty members are available for tutoring assistance and advising. The faculty frequently utilizes a team approach in assisting students. A flexible schedule of tutoring appointments and facility use, including computers, is available.

Free Exchange of Ideas

The University supports the freedom of the faculty and students to exchange ideas, examine all aspects of issues, and question assumptions in order to develop the skill and understanding necessary for graduates to qualify for employment in appropriate occupations.

The Benefits of General Education Courses

ECPI programs include both professional and general education courses, which together allow students to experience the integration of knowledge and skills. General Education courses do not focus on the specific needs of any one academic program. Instead, these courses are intended to help prepare students in being productive and responsible members in an ever-changing society and in complex work environments.

  • Write and speak concisely, clearly, and logically.
  • Comprehend written material of varied complexity.
  • Access and use data through traditional library research and modern electronic means.
  • Appreciate diverse cultures and different perspectives.
  • Apply a problem-solving methodology and evaluate information critically.
  • Use a computer to create written reports and produce graphic materials