I am concerned that I cannot afford a college education, especially a quality technical education. Can you make it affordable for me?

Students accepted for admission at ECPI can apply for several types of financial aid, including student loans, supplement loans, grants, veterans' education benefits, and scholarships through our Financial Aid Department. In addition, most ECPI students make monthly in-school payments to ECPI. The in-school payments reduce the amount of money students borrow and must repay after they graduate or withdraw. Some ECPI students obtain tuition reimbursement through their present employers. A financial investment in your future now can provide many life-long financial benefits.

I do not have any experience in the technical or computer field. Do I need previous education in technical subjects to attend ECPI?

Students who qualify for admission to ECPI do not need previous experience or training in computers or technology. We start with the basics and provide tutoring opportunities as needed at no additional cost to students.

I am not the typical age of a college student. Will I fit in at ECPI?

Students at ECPI vary in age. Most students are adults who have worked in a variety of jobs and need to find a new or better career. ECPI also has students who come to ECPI directly from high school. Students at the college vary in age but share many common interests and a good aptitude for technical education.

Can ECPI help me find a job after I complete my education?

Graduates of ECPI receive assistance from the Career Advising Department in obtaining employment opportunities and job interviews in the field of technology. The Career Advising Department has successfully established its reputation as a valuable resource for qualified applicants.

How does ECPI's approach to technical education differ from companies that offer certification training?

ECPI is licensed or approved by each state in which it operates, indicating the college meets the requirements of the state. Many certification companies are not regulated and do not possess a state license. Individuals attending a small unaccredited school that teaches certification classes cannot offer the same financial aid programs and most do not offer real graduate job placement assistance other than agreeing to employ you themselves as a last resort. ECPI teaches the concepts of technology, and then requires students to apply those concepts in lab. This type of instruction requires more time and is more costly to deliver than quickie corporate training.

How does ECPI differ from local colleges or universities?

ECPI provides education in technology based majors, emphasizing how and when to use the skills and knowledge you learn. In essence, we focus on real world information you need to get jobs with employers. Since many employers want experience, we stress the learning and practical knowledge employers want in their employees.