10 Best Careers for Recent Grads

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Many people would agree that one of the hardest things you’re going to do in life is get that first job out of college.  There may be several jobs for you to choose from, but of course, you want to work for a company that’s a good fit in an industry that’s going to give you ample growth opportunity for many years to come.

If you’ve just graduated, (or even if you’re just about to embark on your higher educational career), there are some jobs that show the signs of faring well in the coming years. Here is a closer look:

  • Computer Systems Analyst: Technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so it should come as no surprise that the expected growth of this career is about 22% by 2020.  The mean annual salary is around $80k and the market is constantly growing.
  • Network/ Computer Systems Administrator: These are the people that ensure compliance, and they’re there when the reliance on technology makes itself known (which is quite often).  The mean salary is currently approaching $80k, and as security issues become more complex, this field will only become more and more in-demand.
  • Applications Software Developer: Focused on the interactions that consumers have with a company’s software, these folks are imperative to a successful operation in this age.
  • Systems Software Developer.  A projected growth of 32% by 2020 makes this a highly valuable career path.  The mean salary comes in at $102,550, which bodes well for a career that can provide success and longevity.
  • Insurance Sales: This industry is known to be able to make driven people lots of money and provide ample opportunities for a solid career.  As the population ages, and as people begin to live longer, quality life insurance sales agents should see continued growth.
  • Public Relations Specialist: As the need to build and restore image continues to grow, so, too, will the opportunities for PR Specialists to make a name for themselves.  At present, the mean annual salary in this field is around $60k.
  • Management Analyst: If you’re someone that is capable of putting concepts and numbers into one solid presentation, this may be the career for you.  Many companies are taking strides to understand what is going on in their businesses, and Management Analysts are the go-to people for this.
  • Elementary School Teacher: Good with kids and love teaching people new things?  With this career, there will soon be tons of Baby Boomers leaving their jobs as retirement approaches.  This means that jobs will be opening up at a rapid pace, with an estimated growth of 18% by 2020.
  • Auditor: Another field that isn’t going anywhere any time soon deals with numbers and money.  Accountants will likely always be in demand, but with acts such as Sarbanes-Oxley and other check-and-balance legislation that have been put in place over the last decade, auditors will surely find a substantial place in the marketplace in the coming years.
  • Marketing Analyst: This is a broad category that includes numbers people that like data and creative people that like exploring buyer behavior.  As consumers become more aware of their surroundings, Marketing Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists will play an essential role in helping companies understand what they need to do to cater to their consumers.

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