Charleston Student Works with Advanced Radar Equipment

Andrew SmithLR

Andrew Smith had hoped to get some real world experience during his externship with MALA Geoscience. He got all that…and then some. Over the course of 140 hours, the company – which manufactures ground-penetrating radar equipment – allowed him to participate in the repair of equipment as well as the design of a DC/DC step up power circuit.

“The machines that I helped repair are used to see different objects in the ground,” says Andrew. “Contractors use this equipment before they begin construction to see if there is anything under the surface like gas lines or electrical lines. They also check before they cut into concrete since tension cables may be present which can be very dangerous if they are severed unexpectedly.”

For Andrew, his time with MALA Geoscience helped reinforce what he has learned in the classroom. “These are the kind of hands-on experiences that make ECPI University what it is: a place where you can take what you learn and immediately transfer it to the workplace,” says Charleston Campus President James Weaver. “It also allows employers to meet the exceptional students we are privileged to educate.”

In the case of MALA Geoscience, they certainly liked what they saw. “Without question, Andrew was outstanding,” says MALA Geoscience President Matthew Wolf. “It was a pleasure to have a young person of Andrew’s character and technical knowledge working with our team. We look forward to additional opportunities to mentor students from ECPI University.”

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