ECPI University Hosts App Camp

ECPI University is pleased to have 25 high school students at its Virginia Beach campus this summer. In conjunction with Opportunity Inc., Junior Achievement and Virginia Beach Public Schools, the university is hosting App Camp, a six-week intensive course on mobile apps.

Students participating in this free program learn how to build an app, develop solutions for potential problems with the app and create graphics for the app’s interface. Led by ECPI University Associate Dean of Education Technology Gerry White, they will also learn how to make a basic game for mobile devices that is downloadable so they can play it with their friends.

Students then learn the business side of app development. Junior Achievement instructors guide them as they create a business plan to use their app to develop and sell a product. In the end, they will leave camp with a web portfolio which they can take into the workforce.

The ultimate goal, however, is to ignite student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by making these subjects fun. “You never know, this sort of experience just might lead a student down a very rewarding career path,” says White. “When you show them the practical applications of something they once considered abstract, it creates a fertile ground for learning.”

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