ECPI University Leads Mobile Apps Workshop for Chesapeake Students

ChesApp LR

ECPI University, in association with the City of Chesapeake and the Chesapeake Technology Business Consortium (CTBC), recently completed a Mobile Apps workshop for 34 Chesapeake Public School middle and high school students at the Chesapeake Central Public Library.

A free program, students learned all about mobile apps, where the technology is heading and how to design and develop them, from conception to publishing. Participants were also introduced to Mobile Game Design, the latest technology associated with mobile apps, along with new developments in augmented reality and wearable computing.

“A workshop like this can really open up a fascinating world of new opportunities for young people, as their futures in many cases are right around the corner,” said Gerry White, Associate Dean of Academic Technology and Department Head of Arts & Sciences at ECPI University in Virginia Beach and a licensed Apple developer.

Dan Bell is the retired President of Canon Information Technology Systems and original co-founder of CTBC. The CTBC helps students learn about technology to advance workforce development, promotes Chesapeake technology companies success and assists Chesapeake in advancing their technology footprint. “Our summer camps are a great product of collaboration and common interest,” Bell said. “Our goal is to show our kids what technology can do for them and what they can do for technology.”

“ECPI University’s partnership in the workshop is part of a wide array of education and career services we provide to schools, charities and other organizations in communities around our campuses,” said White, who led the Chesapeake camp. “Not only does this workshop help students begin to see many great career opportunities right in their own back yards, but they also come away with a solid introduction to critical, thinking, problem solving, and logic in design.”

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