ECPI University Selected to Beta Test Student Success Software


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Starfish Retention Solutions, Inc., a leading student success company, has unveiled the prototype of its newest module of the Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™. Starfish INSIGHT enables institutions to quickly and easily visualize the correlations between their efforts to help students be successful and related student outcomes.  ECPI University is one of a select group of colleges and universities the company has partnered with to help refine the software’s design.

Higher education institutions have invested in an array of innovative approaches to help students be successful, ranging from comprehensive ideas like living-learning communities and technology-enhanced classrooms to discrete improvements like additional professional development for tutoring staff.  Uncovering the effect of these initiatives on student outcomes remains a challenge for decision makers in both academic and student affairs. Without this insight, institutions cannot align their efforts effectively by doing more of what works and changing what does not work.

Most institutions, including ECPI University, are capable of this analysis, but the effort typically falls on overworked institutional research offices with limited bandwidth to support additional innovation in academic and student services. Another limitation compounds the challenge: getting data about which students participated in which activities is difficult.

“Starfish INSIGHT promises to answer questions that higher education institutions have been grappling with for a long time about their student success programs,” says Maryse Levy, Vice-President of Student Development at ECPI University. “Users are able to view summary and detail information about student participation in any student success program or innovation (first year experience, tutoring, eBooks used in courses, etc.); learn what students are doing in those offerings, when, and how frequently; and understand which programs have the biggest or least impact on student outcomes.

“Data can be aggregated or sliced across dimensions that include demographics, academic preparedness, grit, institutional engagement, academic status, financial status, and use of technology, including the Starfish platform. ECPI University’s faculty and staff are excited to participate in the development of INSIGHT and to contribute in this way toward helping improve graduation rates in higher education.”

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