ECPI University’s Study Abroad Program Thriving

The Study Abroad program at ECPI University is alive and well!  Since 2000, our students have visited more than a dozen countries, 4 of the 6 inhabitable continents and both hemispheres.  This year, in the 8th term, the group is traveling to England and France, specifically London and Paris.

In London, among many stops, they will visit the Tower of London (built by William the Conqueror, home to Kings and Queens, and site of murders and executions), take a Jack the Ripper Tour (the serial killer from 1888 who was never caught) and have authentic fish and chips for dinner.  After a few days, they will take the Chunnel to Paris, and visit the Louvre (there will be amazement at how small the Mona Lisa really is), the Eiffel Tower (which Parisians wanted to tear down right after it was built) and take a cruise on the Seine (Napoleon requested to be buried on the banks of this historic river).

The program also offers COM205, Culture and Diversity, in coordination with the trip.  The curriculum includes the journey as part of the class.  The students go to school for two weeks, go overseas for two weeks, and return to class for the last week of the term.

The trip concentrates on the culture and diversity of the countries visited.  Culture can be defined as a group’s language, food, art, architecture, dress, dance and music.  The students observe and experience as many of those hallmarks as possible on the journey.  The students consider the trip eye-opening and always come back with a whole new appreciation of this country and its culture.  As Dr. Glenn Corillo, the Faculty Director of the Study Abroad program, often says, “Your education is not complete until you have traveled overseas and see how others live.”

The trip to Europe this fall is already closed and the Study Abroad program is looking at a journey to South America in 2013.

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