Everything You Didn’t Know About Online Education


online-studentThe growth of online colleges represents a brave new world in the education system.
Whereas college once meant dorm life, campus culture, and wild parties, an increasing number of people see it as a series of digital lectures, projects, and tests. A recent graduation ceremony for the online American Public University System (APUS) highlighted another peculiarity of online education: most of the graduates were meeting each other for the first time.

A range of benefits:

Convenience is one of the top benefits of going to school online. Higher education takes up a lot of time, energy, and brain power; if you’re employed full-time or trying to raise a family, it can be hard to spare all this. Online college classes, however, are refreshingly flexible. Students can plan their course loads on a monthly basis, adding or subtracting classes depending on the amount of free time they have. Online classes also don’t require you to be in a particular place, which is ideal if your job requires you to move around. As long as you have Internet access, you can get that degree. Besides convenience, online classes are often significantly cheaper than their on-campus equivalents.

Embracing diversity:

The flexibility and low cost of online education generate a third benefit: diversity. Although college campuses are often diverse places, they are limited by their geographical location; unless your school has a global reputation and abundant scholarship money, it’s likely to get most of its students from the state where it’s located. Online universities, on the other hand, have no trouble attracting students from all over the country. Of course, most online students don’t meet in person until graduation, but they still cooperate through online projects and study forums. Online universities, then, help to bring many cultures closer together.

Fully qualified:

Many worry about the quality of online education, and some schools do indeed have questionable credentials. ECPI, however, goes to great lengths to establish that they can provide valuable education to all their students. They often take tests and surveys to ensure that their students are truly benefiting from their experiences.


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