Girls Get IT – Moorefield Campus Uses Group to Educate and Encourage

One of the top paying career fields is Information Technology and it’s no secret that it is and has historically been, a male dominated field.  With inspiration from a program originally created by Cisco®, ECPI is taking full advantage of its CIS Department Head and female role model, Mrs. Iantha Finley-Malban, to create their own original program called “Girls Get IT”.

A little play-on words for a program that exposes young women to the amazing world of Information Technology, this program consists of a small panel of female professionals from the industry sharing their experiences with young ladies.  Discussing anything from why they chose the field, to what their education was like, to what role they play, and how they got to where they are today, the young girls have an interactive dialogue with strong female leaders in their area.

After discussion and questions, participants are broken up into groups.  Each group is given a unique IT issue to discuss and try to solve, with one of the professionals helping them brainstorm, after which everyone comes back together as a group and shares the newly learned information.  ECPI also provides pizza during the small groups to continue the energy flow!

The students end up leaving energized and excited about the possibilities of their future, the panelist are equally enthusiastic about encouraging another generation, and ECPI has a blast sponsoring the event, creating strong ties between the campus and the community.

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