Litter Getters

Traffic was heavy on Victory Boulevard at the intersection of 134 through the intersection of Victory and Carey Chapel Road back in July. Drivers beware because those people beautifying that stretch of roads were employees of ECPI University and Medical Careers Institute in Newport News, Virginia.

From left to right: Jason Thompson, Lisa Ray, John Olson, Nicole DeRoven, Jemal Taborn, Nayla Mosley, Vijay Bhuse, Jeremiah Nunez and Dianna Eady

From left to right: Bridgette Carstens, Victoria Snabori-Heath, Tamara King, Barbara Larar, Alicia Coles, Erica Pressick and Antoon Rufi

Two groups of about thirty people cleaned debris covering just a little more than a mile. The crew is hoping to conduct a few more clean-ups before the end of the year.

Dianna Eady and Nayla Mosley give the approval for a clean highway.

Amy Bakke-Tomberlin helps to remove litter with the ECPI crew.