MCI Students and Staff Rally Against Domestic Violence

It is often our own life experiences that lead us to take action and in doing so, it is those closest to us that join and support those endeavors. Such is the case of the MCI community in Richmond, Virginia as teachers and staff rallied to support two students in their quest to reduce domestic violence in the community.

Alicia Gent and Sara Koncsol are medical assisting students at MCI and both are survivors of domestic violence. The two women joined forces to organize the first annual 5K Domestic Violence Memorial Walk-A-Thon, honoring individuals and public safety personnel who have died as a result of domestic violence. The event benefited the Chesterfield County Domestic and Sexual Violence Resources Center and Chesterfield Domestic Violence Task Force.  Alicia and Sara also launched a non-profit organization, Walk Out, to educate and raise funds for victims in need. The walk, which took place in October 2010, was sponsored by MCI and Commonwealth Radiology.

From left Alicia Gent, Sara Koncsol and Yolanda Savoy at the Domestic Violence Memorial Walk-A-Thon

“We had two wonderful teachers that stepped in and helped,” says Alicia. “Yolanda Savoy and Dr. Nestor Davilla.” The MCI teachers created fliers for the event, obtained t-shirts, assisted in the planning, organization and set-up and provided council and support throughout the months of planning. “This is something we will never forget, even after graduation,” exclaimed Alicia. “MCI shines for not only sponsoring the walk, but the teachers they have, the knowledge they give and the lending hands.”

The first time event was successful having raised over $3000. Alicia continues to work and plan for the second walk in October 2011. In February candy grams were sold at MCI in recognition of Valentine’s Day. For more information on Walk Out visit