Message From The President

Mark Low Res

Getting the most value out of your college education is a goal we have at ECPI University for each and every student. That is why ECPI University is committed to rigorous and ongoing evaluations of its programs and course content. Our academic advisory committees are comprised of industry professionals who are well-positioned to advise us when workplace requirements occur and curriculum enhancements are warranted. We have invested significant resources into classroom technology, and it clearly benefits our students. However, what makes our classroom experience and degrees valuable are the talented faculty members that make the technology and curriculum relevant. These are experienced educators with impressive real-world credentials.

The benefit to our students is clear. Employers seek out ECPI University graduates because they’ve come to expect someone who is capable and prepared to perform at a very high level. However there is one ingredient that will make you successful that you cannot learn from technology, a book, or an instructor. That is persistence. Every student will reach some hurdles both academically and personally while in school. Learning how to overcome these will give you valuable life lessons and let you achieve your goal: to graduate. Remember it’s up to you to drive for success; ECPI University can show you the path.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” — Napoleon Hill

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.” — Dennis Waitley

“The most essential factor is persistence – the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come.” — James Whitcomb Riley


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