Message from the President

Mark Low Res

The start of 2014 presents time to reflect on the past and look to the future. While resolutions may seem trivial – and short-lived – I would challenge everyone to use this time to set and redefine goals. First, think about the year that just ended. What worked, what didn’t? Use those experiences to adjust your habits. For many of our students, graduation is just around the corner and keeping your discipline and focus will enable you to overcome obstacles and make the transition to the working world that much easier. Build upon those skills that will help your employability.

One thing to consider: take advantage of the many talents available here at ECPI University. Whether it’s certifications, externships, tutoring, math and writing assistance centers, or careers services, each campus has dedicated faculty and staff who can have a tremendous impact on your success.

I encourage you to consider as many professional certifications as possible. These are highly-recommended by both faculty and employers who serve on Advisory Boards. ECPI University libraries offer study guides, testing centers, and discounts for students and alumni.

Always remember, your experience at ECPI is a group effort between you, the college and employers. Utilize all of the resources here. ECPI University is dedicated to Excellence, Commitment, Professionalism, and Innovation. Make the best of 2014.


Mark Dreyfus

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