Message From the President


The summer is a time to reset your goals and look forward to finishing your degree. ECPI students continue to pursue their career by taking advantage of our year round schedule. Our students are special and their perseverance through twelve months a year is one reason why employers prefer our graduates over others. They are dedicated and driven to succeed. Employers are always looking for those that demonstrate professional qualities.

Helping successful graduates is a team effort. It begins with dedicated faculty and staff, and is nurtured by the many valuable partnerships that we have developed throughout the communities we serve. ECPI’s collaboration with employers and industry leaders ensures that our curriculum is up to date and your degree more relevant. Supporting the communities in which we live is equally important and we encourage all students to participate in their locality. I continuously am surprised of all the great achievements of our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for your continued support and participation.


Mark Dreyfus

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