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A Lifestyle of LearningDeWalt 2

By David DeWalt, BS Network Security Management Student, Columbia Campus

Oftentimes you hear about people who join the military for the sole reason of serving their country and being a part of history. That wasn’t my story. I was going to be a father and wanted to provide for my family in a positive way, so I enlisted to do just that. But what started as a young boy determined to find a means to an end, quickly turned into a young man determined to seek excellence from himself and those around him. It was in the Army that I first heard the quote by Carl Rogers that says, “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” After hearing this, I decided that if I was nothing else in this life, I would seek a lifestyle of learning.

While in the military, I was determined to become the most educated soldier that I could be. I became a Drill Sergeant, a Paratrooper, and earned numerous medals and awards honoring leadership, performance, and excellence in military education. When I made the choice to leave the Army, continuing my education was not something that I even had to think about. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the Communications/IT field, and to do so I would need more formal education.

Also, I knew that I had my children watching me and I wanted to set a precedent for them that education was not just something you do, it’s who you are. Knowing that I needed a certain level of education to match the practical, on-the-job experience gained in the Army and to work in IT Management positions in the civilian landscape, I was led to ECPI University.

The hands-on approach to learning from an accelerated accredited institution was just what I was looking for. Being at ECPI has helped in the positions I’ve held as a Network Administrator and IT Director by providing me with teaching from knowledgeable individuals in the IT field that genuinely care about me, my family, and my future goals. The experience that I’ve had here has been invaluable to my professional development, and the relationships that I’ve built here will without a doubt last a lifetime. It is my desire that through my story someone can be encouraged that no matter how their story begins, they too can do just as Carl Rogers said and become educated by learning how to learn, and through that, have it change them forever.

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