Moorefield CDAA Studies Efficacy of Training Videos

Paul NussbaumLR

Moorefield Campus Director of Academic Affairs Paul Nussbaum has co-authored Pilot Study: The Use of Electroencephalogram to Measure Attentiveness towards Short Training Videos, published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications.

“As teachers, we all want to know how good our classes are, and the same holds true for the training videos that we create for podcasts, online and the mobile university,” says Nussbaum. “With the advent of sophisticated biometric electronics and signal analysis, we might be able to get a measurement of how attentive a student is while they’re watching a short training video. This article describes the pilot test of equipment and algorithms that use EEG (brain waves) to measure this. Now that the pilot test is complete, the research can begin to create this system and method.”

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